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DBM 7.3.27/28 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:17 am

New Features:

  • Updated some map check functions to be compatible with 8.x map api changes.
  • Updated UnitDebuff/UnitBuff api calls for 8.x api changes

  • Synced boss names and dungeon/encounter IDs with latest alpha build
  • Added full mod drycode for Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth
  • Added full mod drycode for Taloc the Corrupted
  • Added full mod drycode for MOTHER (7.3.28)
  • Updated Vectis mod with all data from Heroic Testing (7.3.28)
  • Added full mod drycode for Mythrax
  • Added full mod drycode for Zul

  • Add auto pre special warning for rage/fear soon to Mythic Argus. it will also auto toggle range finder before rages go out and auto hide it after they go out (if you aren’t affected by rage). It won’t run at all for tanks
  • Added a nameplate helper to Aggramar that will show 1 of 4 icons over nameplates of embers based on energy of ember. Green for 1-30. Yellow For 30-60. Red for 60-90 and meaner skull/red for 90-100 for "gonna boom soon". These icons don't currently display actual energy numbers since DBM still only has very basic nameplate icon functionality and not nameplate text features. If kui/tidyplates ever add support for energy based tracking/callbacks to display numbers though that's something DBM could invest time in supporting.

Kul Tiras
  • Preliminary support added for 3 world bosses in Kul Tiras. Combat detection and auto loading is a go. Actual warnings not yet added.

5 man Dungeons
  • Added warnings/timers for all bosses in Waycrest Manor
  • Added warnings/timers for all bosses in Shrine of the Storm. Also added a few preliminary trash warnings.
  • Added warnings/timers for all bosses in Tol Dagor


  • Reverted/cleaned up some of DBMs async compatible code since async take 2 (introduced in 8.x alpha) is quite different and no longer withholds spellname on GetSpellInfo requests (instead it withholds spell description, which DBM never uses outside of DBM-GUI).
  • Reclassify target switches as role warnings not other target warnings. Target warnings generally means events affecting other players, while switch warnings are warnings for a role (dps or tank) to swap to a new non player target. (Option sorting in GUI is also sorted by classification so this just means target switch warnings will now appear under "role" announce options.)

  • Renamed "Blood of Ghuun" drycode to "Vectis"

  • **For time being, the more advanced prediction on Aggramar has been disabled on mythic do to bugs where aggramar could sometimes not follow his "must use all 4 combos before repeating any of them" rule. DBM will continue to show correct combo on all 2nd casts as usual and POSSIBLE combos on 1st. It'll just no longer actively try to show you which combo it is on first cast using elimination, until blizzard addresses problem where aggramar sometimes repeats a combo BEFORE he's used all 4 at least once or I find a way to reproduce bug consistent enough to know what causes it so I can actually code around it.

5 Man Dungeons
  • Added warning clarity to Rezan in A'Tal Dazar
  • Changed gaze target warning on Smashspite in BRH to announce regardless of target filter option. This warning should ignore target filter.
  • Also changed infoframe on Smashspite to be smarter and filter by spellId not spellname, so it won't show the player that's targetted by gaze as already having the gaze damage increase debuff.

Bug Fixes:

  • Found and fixed another cause of DBM not using Syncs from BW/LW. DBM was only coded to accept boss ("B") syncs from BW if in combat with a boss, but mods like court of stars trash aren't "in combat" and still required BW comms, so DBM-Core needed new special condition code to handle such mods.
  • Fixed bug that could cause spammed lua errors with range check frame in BfA beta. (7.3.28)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause lua error if someone whispered you during a boss fight in BfA beta (7.3.28)

  • Fixed detection of what platform player is on during Hasabel do to blizzard deleting portal events from combat log. (They likely did it to reduce CLEU spam to help reduce lag on fight. Still would be nice if they actually put stuff like this in hotfix blog so boss mods aren't broken for weeks)
  • Fixed a bug on Mythic Aggramar where it will give an incorrect taunt warning during empowered foebreaker in P3 to taunt boss during 2nd foebreaker during a combo, when it is not your turn
  • Fixed couple timers and warnings in LFR Kingaroth to match it's current form. At some point, they increased cd on forging strike in LFR so you no longer need to go to 2 stacks (to match other difficulties) and they changed reverb strike to match other difficulties. No idea when they changed these things, since I never run LFR once mods are completed. Only just discovering now because it's first time someone actually reported these issues.

Dev Notes:
  • **Normally, Aggramar will cast combos in any random order, but he'll always use all 4 before reshuffling them. Then, he'd use all 4 again (in a diff random order) until he's once again used all 4 at least once. This does not always happen unfortunately, sometimes he bugs out (My current untested belief is if his combo gets interrupted by transition some kind of bug occurs and his used combos get incorrectly flagged or outright reset)
    I'm still in process of more debugging and data collection to determine if I can accurately enough detect when problem occurs and have DBM self correct around it on fly when it does.
    I've known about problem for some time now, but 90%+ of time, aggramar honors rule without breakage and DBMs predictions were flawless. Aggramar wouldn't repeat any pattern until all 4 used (which is what allowed DBM to predict which combo it is on FIRST cast instead of second cast, since DBM could use process of elimination). In addition, even when fight bugged and didn't follow the rules, DBM would still auto correct anyways as soon as 2nd cast of combo happened which still meant that DBMs info frame was just as accurate as other mods in showing correct combo on 2nd cast. However, it still bothered me that sometimes, 10% of time give or take, DBM frame would show wrong combo on FIRST cast through it's prediction, do to a bug that was outside of DBMs control. That's not good enough for me, so I decided to disable the advanced prediction for now.

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