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DBM 7.3.21 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:02 am

New Features:

  • Added clickable links to DBM options GUI in "Spoken Alerts" settings that take you directly to voice pack & countdown pack downloads on curse.

  • Added new feature to Coven to automatically turn lighting and raid lighting settings to low (1) on engage and back to previous setting on combat end. Unfortunately this cannot be done on MacOS client since client doesn't support low lighting anymore. On Windows client, this will make it MUCH easier to see things on middle of room since it removes the orange glow effect.
  • Added countdown yell to soulblight by user request to Argus.


  • *Depricated the DBM BossHealth frame. It has been completely removed from DBM.
  • **Stripped out HUD customizing and related panal.
  • Updated mod sort IDs to improve and simplify mod sorting as well as pre prep for up to 11 expansions, like blizzard did.
  • DBM arrow will now accept "/dway" with no args to hide it when it is shown, making it easier to disable the dbm waypoint arrow.

  • Changed trash warning for Flames of Reorigination to not warn if more than one debuff applied to you, to reduce spam from doing trash wrong.
  • Change voice for waves on coven to use "watch wave" voice instead of "watch step"
  • Change icon option to true by default for glare on mythic coven
  • Changed warning on Argus for Soulburst from "move away" to "on you" since not all strats involve running it out and instead stacking them on aggramar tank
  • Removed Special warning/yell for cosmic beacon during Argus. It wasn't useful at all

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where clicking discord link on GUI didn't actually open a copyable discord link
  • Also fixed a bug where the instructions on the copy link dialog were missing.
  • Fixed regression from 7.3.19 that caused "status" whispers and wipe messages to include no or invalid boss health % (7.3.20)

  • Fixed bug where flare timer would show on mythic aggramar
  • Fixed bug where flash freeze wasn't honoring drop down option for stack count on Coven
  • Fixed a bug where Soul Bomb warning told you to run to tank during Argus encounter, even when there is no tank with Avatar. Besides, you don't run to tank anyways tank runs to you, so now this warning says to run to edge of room at all times which makes more sense.
  • Fixed Voice warning for Necrotic on Varimathras will now say "move to <markname>" like intended on mythic difficulty. On non mythic voice pack will now say "target you" instead of "spread". The warning text will now always show icon instead of "move away". I thought it was already doing this, but all I do on this fight is taunt every 10 seconds and zzz. I don't know these things aren't working as intended :\
  • Fixed bug where tank got two necrotic warnings on varimathras when they soak both of them. Now they'll get just 1 warning, and one yell countdown not two.
  • Fixed regression from 7.3.19 that caused Necrotic Embrace warnings/yells not to work correctly on varimathras. Which was broken by above change. What it actually did, filtered ALL of them. Now it's working correctly and filtering only 2nd+ debuff (7.3.20)
  • Fixed yet another regression from 7.3.19 that caused Necrotic Embrace warnings/yells not to work correctly on varimathras. This one was caused by a code change in warning to show icon texture in the warning text. There was a lua error in new code that wasn't discovered do to filter bug, then when filter bug was discovered this bug was discovered but only after .20 was tagged. (7.3.21)
  • Fixed regression from 7.3.19 that caused Flames of Reorigination warnings to never show. Intended change of 7.3.19, filter SECOND application of debuff. What it actually did, filtered ALL of them. This is now fixed (7.3.21)

  • Fixed lua error on Guldan

Dev Notes:
  • *The BossHealth frame in DBM was a feature added many years ago, to track the health of boss targets (especially multi boss fights). Over early expansions like wrath cata and early mists it added support for things like shield/absorb monitoring on targets (friendly or foe) for things like incinerate flesh from wrath, blackout from cataclysm, etc. To do so, it created a separate CLEU frame to monitor pretty much all the damage/healing targets got, which is the most spammy events you can pull from combat log. Basically, it did what it was supposed to using api available to it at the time.
    By modern standards though this is grossly inefficient. Late mists and beyond have moved toward more efficient newer apis like UnitGetTotalAbsorbs and the more modern InfoFrame for displaying things like enemy/player absorbs and haven't used the less efficient BossHealth frame in years. As such, this obsolete code has literally only been kept around for legacy mods that relied on it still. I have since gone through these mods and updated them to use modern infoframe. This means it's high time for all this legacy stuff in DBM to be retired for good.
    "But what about those of us still using boss health frame to just track boss health". Blizzard added their own Boss Health frames years ago as well which not only support showing boss health, but support macros and click targetting. These are the blizzard "arena" and "boss" frames. These can also be customized by any number of unit frames.
  • **HUD is still fully functional via the utility slash "/dbm hud" in outdoor areas, but DBM will no longer dedicate an entire options panel and variables to something that can’t be used in raids. Especially for options 99% of users left at default settings anyways.

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