DBM 7.3.17 Released

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DBM 7.3.17 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:21 am

New Features

  • *Improve timer callbacks for improved weak auras

  • Added countdown options to dog breaths
  • Finally added death fog GTFO to Argus
  • Finally added storm and blades GTFO's to Coven

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where a timer might start in mods that use :AddTime function, when timers are disabled globally.
  • Fixed a bug where :AddTime object for timers didn't show timers if they had expired. If a timer is complete when AddTime runs, it starts new timer with addtime value now.
  • Fixed lua error that could occur in Mythic+ dungeons
  • Fixed bug where DBM showed speed kill timers on all keystone difficulty regardless of whether or not it was highest. DBM only stores fastest kill for highest keystone level achieved for that encounter, so if we've killed that boss on a 15, don't show timer on a 13 for our best 15 kill. It'll now only show if keystone level matches best keystone level.
  • Removed clickable link on out of date/new update notification. It hasn't worked since removing hyperlink hooks.
  • Fixed Machinations cast timer not canceling when all adds are dead on Coven.

  • Fixed a bug where if you wiped to Kingaroth at same time as he enters shield phase, timers could get started and not canceled on that wipe do to timers starting after wipe event fired.
  • Fixed bug that could cause lua errors for some users on Argus the Unmaker with certain icon options.


  • Changed yells for sea and sky on Argus to use stat yells like other mods/weak auras do. This is something I wasn't doing intentionally do to DBMs lack of localizers for over 7 languages, but i received increase push about this, so I made change.
  • Audio countdown for tank debuff on portal keeper now only counts from 3, down from 4. It is also now off by default. Overall, intended to reduce overall spammy feel of countdowns, especially in her room which has high reverb. This particular ability isn't an active mitigate it or die one and has high variation so it was best candidate for tone down.
  • Argus stage 3 will now trigger off an earlier event now that I've vetted it enough as a replacement for the later trigger. This will cancel/cleanup timers better.
  • Changed interrupt warnings for Mythic touch of cosmos spell on Coven to now be a 3 person interrupt rotation complete with notes support for assigning players by name to each of 3 casts.
  • Changed Cosmic Glare from a "move away" warning to a "target you" warning since the more accepted strat is to sit still and let other players dodge it vs you trying to aim your line away from people.

5 Man Dungeons
  • Reduced special warning spam on Saprish by changing Void trap from a special warning to a regular warning.

Dev Note:
  • *Improve timer callbacks for improved weak auras
    1. Any remaining timers not firing timer start/stop callbacks, now fire them (respawn, group prompts, custom timers, etc)
    2. Timers that fired start callbacks but not stop when canceled, now fire stop events (such as break and pull)
    3. Added callbacks to timer updates as well when DBM doesn't cancel or start a timer, but instead updates the timer on an existing timer via :Update cal.
    4. New timer TYPE args to make it easy to implement WA's that for example want to show respawn, break, pull but not some of extra timers:
    a. Utility timers like pull/break now have timer type arg as “utilitytimer”
    b. Extra timers such as LFG prompt and boss respawn have timer type arg as “extratimer”
    c. Pizza/custom timers have timer type arg as “pizzatimer”

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