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DBM 7.3.16 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:12 am

New Features

  • Re-added bomb timer to kingaroth I forgot to re-add ages ago when I discovered how the bosses timers truly worked.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where bomb warning fired for bombs detonating on kingaroth. Should only fire for them spawning
  • Fixed a bug where infoframe didn't close if aggramar phased mid combo
  • Fixed bug where icon sizes on infoframe were too large on aggramar
  • Fixed bug on imonar where info frame for empowered pulse didn't show icons on players right away do to frame updating before icons went out (and frame only updates on debuff apply for efficiency, so icons wouldn't display until next debuffs/update. Now, frame update is also updated when RAID_TARGET_UPDATE fires to ensure it grabs any icon change to targets shown on frame.

Broken Isles:
  • Calamir ice comet warning now uses correct spell icon
  • Calamir age warning no longer spits an invalid target name


  • A bunch of changes added across core and mods to handle GetSpellInfo() changes in 7.3.5 a future patch. For more information, visit: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=379#p1096
  • *Special warning object now has built in voice pack handling instead of using separate object/option. This significantly eases boss mod creation for myself going forward. In addition, it'll also reduce config sizes and mod load times as well since a ton of redundancy was removed. It also makes it finally possible to enable special warning sound filters on custom localized warnings, which up until now made adding voice pack sounds to custom warnings, more difficult.
  • Thanks to above refactor, test mode will now utilize voice pack support if installed/enabled.
  • Regular warning object now also has built in voice pack handling, which didn't support voice packs or voice pack filters at all before. Now it does. This enables adding of voice alerts and suppressing of regular sounds for general announces. All without needing a separate voice object, so more custom voice objects were pruned.
    Changed Pod Assault warning on high command to use stacks instead of blizzards RAID_BOSS_WHISPER. although the whisper is exact time you should hop out on non mythic, on mythic it sometimes gets you killed if bats are still assaulting pod, then the reaction window for hopping out is very tiny and you can still die. So now the warning will trigger off stacks to try an and be slightly sooner to compensate for this. In addition, there are now pre warnings for 10, 15 stacks as well.

  • Tidied up timer options in a few more bosses with categories and prettiness
  • Changed LFR eonar timers to reflect average raid damage instead of really LOW raid damage. Add spawn rates are based on quality of your raid and timers should reflect the average not the worst. Timers will still be slow for very good groups and too fast for really bad ones. Sadly, can't perfect add timers that depend on your raids damage to unrelated adds, but this change should help some.
  • To help with above though, the Eonar info frame will now just say where you should go next, so you don't have to rely on timers as much either
  • Several general announces switched to new voice integrated objects to enable better sound filters, so night elf bell sound will now be suppressed when a voice alert is played for things such as "phase change", etc>
  • Changed info frame on aggramar to also show current cast, not just upcoming

  • Custom local special warning for "Plasma Sphere is low" on Telarn now supports voice pack sound

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Custom local special warning for "Web of Pain" on Renferal now supports voice pack sound

5 Man Dungeon:
  • Hatecoil's Focused Lighting Custom local special warning that tells you to move to land now supports voice pack sound
  • Countdown SAY on Hatecoil had it text shortened to just numbers, since there is no reason for spell name distinction on fight with only one spell that has countdown
  • Countdown Say on Princess Thalena had it's text shortened to just numbers, since there is no reason for spell name distinction on fight with only one spell that has countdown

Dev Note:
  • *Until all old mods are migrated to new code, special warning sound filter will not work for mods still using legacy Voice object. This will be addressed within several days of this release.

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