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DBM 7.3.15 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Dec 21, 2017 4:13 am

New Features:

  • Added new filter option that globally disabled ALL <target> type general announces. This new filter is ON by default.This filter acts differently from previous global option that disables all general announces period (regardless of type). For example. With THIS new filter, a message like "bad debuff on target1, target2, target3" will never be shown on ANY fight. However a general announce like "Stage 2" or "Some spell" will still be shown. The reason for this new filter is that many raiders have talked about how they often go through each boss and turn most target warnings off cause they only care about "what is affecting me". Now, with a single checkbox filter, your DBM will be more focused on only showing messages for what is affecting you. If you're a raid leader you'll probably want to turn these new filter off though.

  • Added combo info frame for aggramar for all difficulties. On mythic, it even tracks previously used mythic combos for utmost accuracy.
  • Added icon marking option for adds on aggramar (off by default)
  • Adding stack/taunt warnings for soulrending scythe for Mythic Argus.
  • Added add timers up to 9 destructors on LFR Eonar

Bug Fixes

  • Changed DBM core to use INSTANCE mapid instead of local one for the players alive filter, so it doesn't break in areas (such as eonars room) that have broken and unreliable local mapIDs). This should fix instances of DBM reporting 0 players alive in status whispers.
  • Fixed bug where a green flickering texture could appear on range frame if a player had an invalid raid target index on their head (> 8) which some custom marking addons do. This will now be filtered.
  • Fixed a bug that caused CheckNearby function in DBM to not strictly enforce range passed to it, causing it to return false for exact matches. This was technically not a bug with old radar as that used precise measurements+0.5 and not rounding, but with bandage/item checks, exact matches have to be treated as "true" for determining a target is nearby with a specific range in mind. This only affected warnings that said "x near you" and caused them to not actually go off if you were exactly at threshold (but not over it). Range finder was not affected

  • Fixed a bug where Ravenous Blaze CD timer was not canceled when aggramar transitions into Aegis.

5 Man Dungeons
  • Cordana's phase change will now have a voice pack warning instead of generic sound, for voice pack users


  • Aggramar icon marking for mythic blaze debuff now off by default, so icons can be better utilized on adds or players by default
  • Yells and personal warnings for mythic blaze on aggramar no longer give an icon position, instead just the generic "move away from others" messaging
  • Changed tank countdown on Varimathras to start at 3 (down from 4) to reduce spam on it slightly.
  • Changed Echoes of Doom personal warning to throttle if you get multiple at once (usually a wipe) to reduce spam on Varimathras as well as changed it from a "run out" warning to a "on you" warning.
  • Misery applied to tanks > 8 yards away will no longer give a taunt warning (it'll be assumed that's 3rd tank and not your co tank) on Varimathras. The 3rd tank also shouldn't get taunt warnings either if they are keeping >8 yards away from the two on boss, which they should be if with the group). TLDR, if 3rd tank stays away from other 2 by at least > 8 yards, taunt warnings will "just work".
  • Eliminated redundant "out of pod" warning on high command.
  • Platform ability timers were moved to platform filters on Portal Keeper (ie they won't show if on main platform, like warnings have always done).
  • Tweaked yell text a bit on Varimathras and Argus to be more consistent across different mods.
  • Changed tank warnings for taunt swap on argus to do 3, 2 repeating, in P1 and P2 to better align boss mechanics. This is something I already knew about but left it at 3 repeating for more consistency. However, on mythic (and even heroic for those where fight is still progression), it matters more that the right tank that has avatar isn't tanking the boss during bombs and the right tank that is dropping orb in P1 isn't in front of the boss. Basically, first person to tank in that phase goes to 3, after that you always swap at 2 stacks. On LFR difficulty, DBM will still do 3 repeating because you can be most assured the other mechanics won't matter enough to over complicate the tanking.

Emerald Nightmare
  • Changed warnings on ooze trash at entrance to throttle, so when you're soloing zone the warnings don't spam you.

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