DBM 7.3.12 (including 7.3.11) Released

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DBM 7.3.12 (including 7.3.11) Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:24 am

New Features

  • Warnings and yells for when the effectives of mythic debuffs activate on Eonar
  • Added icon option for Embrace on Varimathras
  • Added mythic timer and fades yell for Cosmic Glare to Coven
  • Added announce for when a new boss activates to Coven
  • Added cd extension code to portal keeper that handles her ICD the same exact way it was handled on archimonde (viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7#p10) back in the day.
  • Added additional locations/timers to Eonar on normal, heroic and mythic difficulty up to the longest logs I could find on WCL (7.1.12)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed timer for first soulburst/bomb of P2 argus, which changed as an undocumented part of hotfixes
  • Made some antispam tweaks to grenades to fix issue with multiple target warnings firing instead of single combined target warning.
  • Fixed icon marking for hounds so it resets icons like it's supposed to, but also made it off by default and changed yell to non icon yell. It doesn't really fit with most strats
  • Fix mythic hasabel timers to be shorter as needed.
  • Fixed torment/phase timers for mythic Varimathras
  • Fixed bug with boss incoming bar by handling shiva swap betters by counting torment casts by boss name instead of globally so mod knows more accurately when each BOSS has done two torments on mythic difficulty.
  • Fixed all timers for mythic Imonar
  • Fixed two warnings on Coven still playing default warning sound when a voice pack is installed.
  • Fixed first purifier location not being shown even though it was known by mod during Eonar heroic.
  • Fixed corruption timers showing on LFR dogs (they don't cast corruptions)
  • Fixed Empowered Flame Rend, Empowered Foe Breaker, and Empowered Searing Tempest detection on Mythic Aggramar (7.1.12)
  • Fixed a bug where the locals for Destructors and Obfuscators were backwards (timers were correct but names flipped) that slipped into 7.3.11 (7.1.12)
  • Fixed a bug where if Eonar is missing from boss unitids, it'd just say "paraxis: 0". Now it'll filter paraxis. Can't do much about not being able to show boss energy when her boss unit ID is missing though (seems to only happen on mythic) (7.1.12)
  • Fixed invalid spellID for Empowered Pulse Grenade (it'd show power instead) (7.1.12)
  • Fixed no warning / timers caused by missing haywire annihilator event. Code also considers that blizzard might fix it, to avoid this fix breaking at any tie. (7.1.12)
  • Fixed a lua error on Coven that slipped into 7.3.11 (7.1.12)
  • Fixed bug in phase detection that caused some phase change timers never to start on aggramar (7.1.12)
  • Also fixed phase detection for mythic aggramar so DBM can now give proper initial Ravenous Blaze timer on phase changes (7.1.12)


  • Improved tank warning on hasabel too to achieve 2 stack swaps whenever possible.
  • Made some antispam tweaks to grenades to fix issue with multiple target warnings firing instead of single combined target warning.
  • Range check now only shows when needed not all the time on Eonar
  • Removed useless icon options on eonar and improved the remaining icon option for “targetted” debuff for multiple targets
  • Throttled embrace warnings on Varimathras wipe
  • Changed icon assignments around on Coven to be compatible with other mods which recently introduced their own icon options that conflicted with DBMs original setup.
  • Changed voice pack warning for Storm on coven to say "find shelter" instead of "aoe incoming"
  • Adde throttle to misery on Coven so it can only special warn once per 4 seconds.

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