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DBM 7.3.10 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:07 am

New Features:

  • Added audio countdown options for Bombs, p4 heroic scythes, and P4 adds to argus
  • Added audio countdowns for Garothi countdown and Fel Bombardment
  • Added audio countdowns for Protocol, Forging Strike, and Ruiner on Kingaroth
  • Improved voice pack instructions for torments on Coven to give more direction (such as spreading for Fury and dodging for spectral army, move to edge for flame)
  • Visage of the Titan will now show duration in nameplate aura when using Kui Nameplates on Coven
  • Added fulminating Pulse auto icon option to coven mod to help healers assign out who's responsible for each target
  • Added Chilled Blood autoicon option to coven mod also to help healers
  • Added Preliminary wave timers to mythic eonar (locations not yet inputted since I'm getting conflicting location information right now and need to vet what's accurate)
  • Added more timer data to Final doom on mythic eonar
  • Updated Rain of Fel mythic timer data as well, so that timer is re-enabled on mythic eonar for now (might still be wrong as it's affected by when eonar casts Life Force

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed stack warnings not working for tank debuff in P4 Argus
  • Fixed edge of Obliteration warnings/timers not working on argus
  • Fixed Avatar cd timer not showing on Argus
  • Fixed cast bars for Torments to be 85 seconds on live (up from 80 seconds they were on PTR) during Coven fight.
  • Fixed cannon timers on garothi, especially mythic
  • Fixed mythic phase detection which was all screwed up because i didn’t realize eject scripts still run on mythic
  • Fixed tank timer on mythic garothi (it’s a shorter cd on mythic)
  • Fixed personal warnings for decimation to not fire twice for empowered, as well as fix so they actually fire for haywire
  • Fixed/removed spammy Luring Destruction on Garothi
  • Fixed bad spellId for Marked Prey on coven which caused warnings/yells to say wrong spell name
  • Fixed countdown for titans on coven which I forgot to update when I updated timer
  • Fixed timers desyncing from energy on Mythic Doggos the second time they cast Focusing power. DBM will now add 15 seconds to all active energy based timers when this happens so they stay in sync.
  • Fixed pulse grenade timer on High Command, which is shorter on live than it was on PTR.


  • Eliminated some redundancy as well in garathi warnings
  • Turned flames reorgin trash target warning (not personal) off by default so it’s not spammy when group can’t spread out properly)
  • Localized timer text for eonar adds manually so the timers are actually readable and not too long to pull any information from.

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