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DBM 7.3.8 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:48 am

New Features:

  • Updated stats panel to support timewalking in Wrath 10/25 player raids (ie ulduar)
  • Update many Spanish locals
  • Added new default option type "CasterDps" (excludes healers) to help fine tune default options further when existing default type "SpellCaster" (includes healers) doesn't fit the bill.

  • Added new option to show nameplate auras on P4 Argus the Unmaker adds for all mob vulnerabilities
  • Added Flare warnings/timers to Aggramar
  • Added a few new trash warnings
  • Made taunt warnings smarter on War council so it’ll tell you to taunt even if you have debuff, if it’ll expire before next application (basically it'll sure tanks swap as efficiently as possible with none going over 2 stacks)
  • Added chat yells and personal/target warnings for sky and sea on Argus
  • Added auto icon marking for P3 Argus adds to go with nameplate auras.
  • Added some preliminary and not totally accurate or informative add timers to Eonar normal/heroic. It'd be a lot easier if they had proper spawn events such as http://www.wowhead.com/spell=181113/encounter-spawn
  • Added icon option for bombardment to garothi

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Added audio countdown for Obelisk lasers on KJ

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug that caused Custom timers/Adds warnings prototype to pass wrong arg to function and make text display wrong info. Mostly affected Black temple boss Akama. Also fixed bug that caused that custom adds timer to also use generic color instead of adds color bar by type.
  • Fixed several cases where NewSpecialWarningStack warnings had voice version set to 2 instead of 6, causing people who had discontinued voice pack versions < 6 to have muted sounds for stack warnings instead of default sounds fallback when voice pack version too old to support it.

  • Fixed trash mod not loading correctly so existing warnings should now work too.
  • Fixed normal and heroic mode Life count for eonar
  • Fixed normal mode hounds of sargeras timers to account for even slower energy gain rates. changed respawn time too which is long again.
  • Improved Kingoroth timer accuracy for post phase changes by completely redoing how it's handled to be more in line with how encounter appears to work.
  • Fixed Kingoroth tank timer/cast warnings, who’s spell ID changed for a 3rd time.
  • Fixed Kingoroth taunt warning not firing when it should, as well as added non tank filter so people standing in wrong place don't set it off.
  • Fixed flash freeze to be a stack warning and not to tell you to swap at 1 stack on Coven.
  • Fixed timer for empowered Pulse Grenades on Imonar so it's not too short on non mythic.
  • Fixed Garothi Annihilation timer/warning not working, which also actually broke decimator timer too.
  • Fixed Empowered Decimation personal warnings so they work now.
  • Fixed invalid creature ID for argus that caused health not to return in status messages/wipes.
  • Fixed possible lua error when targeted by Decimation on Garothi
  • Fixed Spear and Rain of Fel timers on heroic with live data (but both still subject to be wrong depending on your raids dps. Timers affected by push timings)
  • Fixed info frame on Eonar not displaying accurate purifier count. A more accurate way of detecting when they have spawned has been found and added to mod.
  • Fixed say countdown for bombardment, which was changed from a 5 second debuff to 7

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Timer for 9th felclaws in phase 3 mythic KJ is no longer too long
  • Timers for Orbs for longer P3 mythic KJ pulls should be handled correctly now
  • You will no longer get a "taunt boss" warning during first intermission on KJ if felclaws falls off boss while he's flying around
  • Made a tweak to scheduler that fills eventless orbs in mythic KJ intermission to reduce chance the scheduler fires up two countdowns for impacts.

Brawlers Guild
  • Fixed some spellIds for newer version of Blind Hero in brawlers guild


  • Changed icons used by Argus mod auto marking for bursts and bombs
  • Swapped two countdown voices on Antorus High Command to reduce voice overlap for tanks
  • Turn off Soul blight target warning by default. it’s spammy cause of way argus casts it. Personal warning obviously still on by default.
  • Removed week 1 help messages from normal/heroic. Added week 2 mythic help messages to key fights.

Tomb of Sargeras
  • The Erupting reflection message will now say to "move to boss" on KJ for non mythic difficulties to make it more clear what to do with them in LFR mainly
  • Stack high warning on Mythic Fallen avatar now starts at 6, up from 4 do to recent hot fixes.
  • Many timers on Inquisition will now show cast count, by user request.
  • Obelisk timer on KJ will now have Deadly inline icon in it

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