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DBM 7.3.4 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Fri Sep 22, 2017 2:02 am

New Features:

  • Added new option to Felhounds of Sargeras that lets you choose to a slightly less accurate way of starting timers for greatly reduced timer clutter that is OFF by default. Enabling this option will reduce timers on screen from like 6 (8 for tanks) to 2 (4 for tanks), but may cause timers to be 1-2 seconds off (but if off, never late, only early)

Argus Invasion Points
  • Enabled ready check option for Meto
  • Enabled ready check option for Pit Lord

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Tainted Essence on fallen avatar will now do personal say with stack count starting at 4
  • Added audio countown to Desolate on fallen avatar (all difficulties)

5 Man Dungeons
  • Added 7 new trash warnings to Seat of Triumvirate
  • Updated/Added a few timers with mored data, especially some mythic only abilities in Seat of Triumvirate
  • Added new warning for Void Trap in SoT (Saprish)
  • Added new general warning for Naaru's Lamen in SoT (Lura)
  • Added new warnings for Add spawns in SoT for Nezhar

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where some mods would show double help messages on PTR when only one help message should be shown.
  • Fixed personal soak warnings not being flagged as "personal" warnings so they wouldn't sort correctly on mod options. This will improve option sorting across all raid modules that use position/soak type warnings.

  • Fixed several warnings and timers that weren't firing correctly on Garothi Worldbreaker
  • Fixed several warnings and timers that weren't firing correctly on Felhounds of Sargeras
  • Fixed tank timers on Felhounds of Sargeras that for some reason can be 10 seconds on some pulls even though they are 11 seconds on others. Now 10 is used for timer instead of 11.
  • Fixed a bug with Varimathras where normal/LFR timers would start on heroic difficulty instead of heroic timers.
  • Fixed phase detection on Antorus War Council by switching from Commander's Presence CLEU to pod UNIT events, since blizzard doesn't like the combat log.
  • Fixed timer for reinforcements which was lowered from 25 to 8.4 as well as changed from an in the pod ability to an out of pod ability on antorus war council.
  • Fixed bad portal keeper pulls that are result of ENCOUNTER_START falsely firing when players click portals when boss is not engaged.
  • Fixed bug that caused sleep canister warnings to no longer work do to blizzard removing target event from combat log on Imonar
  • Fixed bug where tank warning didn't work on Kingaroth
  • Fixed all the timers that changed on Kingaroth since last heroic test
  • Fixed bug where Demolish targets would get fragmented on Kingaroth
  • Fixed flash freeze timer on Coven which seems to be a slower Cd now from earlier tests.

Argus Invasion Points
  • Fixed Seeds of Chaos warning/timers for Meto
  • Reduced some tank warning spam if a bunch of tanks are standing in front of boss that shouldn't be on Meto
  • Significantly reduced tank warnings spam on Pit Lord.

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Fixed bug where Corrupted Matrix cd timer and countdown never worked on fallen avatar
  • Fixed bug where corrupted matrix cast timer was 10 on mythic when it should be 8 on mythic
  • Fixed a situation on Fallen Avatar where desolate would not warn to taunt at 2 stacks (on other tank) because yours hadn't expired yet. Now, if it’ll be expired by NEXT time it’s cast, it'll always warn you to taunt at 2 stacks on your co tank.
  • Further fixed Dark Mark timer accuracy on fallen avatar by analyzing remaining time every rupture realities and adjusting dark mark on fly instead of using less accurate hard coded assumptions on which dark marks will be delayed on mythic difficulty since it's very possible for some pulls where almost none of em are delayed and others were all but 2nd cast is delayed by 3-5 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where DBM will still warn you to jump in pit even though you already removed bomb with an ability such as cloak of shadows, during maiden encounter.

5 Man Dungeons
  • Fixed a bug that caused Howling Dark warning/timer not to work in SoT (Nezhar)
  • Fixed a bug where Entropic Force timer said Howling Dark instead in SoT (Nezhar)
  • Fixed a bug where void tear timer was too short in SoT (Zuraal)


  • Changed Molten Touch from a regular warning to a special warning on Felhounds of Sargeras
  • Changed generic tank attack announces to off by default. A better way for handing how to warn (or actually pre warn tank breath incoming) on Felhounds of Sargeras needs to be thought up that's less spammy
  • Changed tank warnings on Imonar to be more aggressive about warning at earliest time possible to taunt off other tank for Sever and Storm

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Tainted Essence will once again start warning from 4 stacks up, not 6. 6 was a bad change I got from a strategy video that's not only strat. While people do tend to swap at 6,they want to start seeing counter sooner.

5 Man Dungeons
  • Changed null palm from normal warning to special warning in SoT (Zuraal)
  • Changed Ravaging Darkness and Dread Screech from normal warnings to special warnings in SoT (Saprish)

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