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DBM 7.3 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:06 am

New Features:

Argus/Invasions Points
  • Added drycode for Inquisitor Meto
  • Added drycode for Occularus
  • Added drycode for Zakuun Sotanathor
  • Added drycode for Alluradel
  • Added drycode for Folnuna
  • Added drycode for Vilemus

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Added an approx. Impact timer for rain of the destroyer on mythic Fallen Avatar, as requested

Mistress Sasszine (A lot of focus on one fight so gave it's own catagory)
  • Added yell for when you drop a buffer fish on Mistress Sasszine
  • The source tank of burden of pain will now yell "Pulse" for first pulse of burden of pain on mythic Sasszine to help the other tank see when to taunt (even if they are using another boss mod)
  • Added berserk timer to Mistress Sasszine (I'm herp and simply forgot about this til someone reminded me)

Bug Fixes

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Fixed bug where voice pack sound filter didn't work on Devouring Maw on mistress sasszine
  • Fixed a bug where Devouring maw timer icon was generic gear icon on mistress sasszine
  • Code added to mythic KJ to handle timers getting messed up when encounter doesn't fire an emote for singularity spawns (basically first intermission)


  • All load mod delay code for combat and falling has been removed. Script throttling in 7.3 exempts LoadAddon (as it rightfully should) so this should be end of "script ran too long" on loading mods.

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Sisters of moon Heal warning for eclipse should be less spammy (just say All instead of listing all targets by name)
  • Generic GTFO warnings now support showing spell name again, based on user requests that didn't like "bad"
  • All fixate type warnings on Harj will now throttle if multiple fixate you within 3 seconds.
  • Scythe timer on inquisition is now off by default for non tanks, like it should be.
  • Dark mark special warning on Fallen Avatar now also has icon in it
  • Erupting Reflections special warning on KJ now has icon in it
  • Infusion messages on Maiden will now also show triangle or star in them based on your infusion.

Mistress Sasszine (A lot of focus on one fight so gave it's own catagory)
  • Fade yells for hydra shot start at 4 instead of 3 on Mistress Sasszine
  • Raised alert priority of Taunt warning on Sasszine from 1 to 3.
  • Made thundershock warning smarter so that it doesn't tell you to dodge it if you still have a murloc on head from way before thundershock cast during mistress sasszine
  • Changed "from the abyss" warning from a special warning to a generic warning on sasszine to de-emphesize it. These adds should not be a hard switch warning, they should just a "be aware they spawned" warning.
  • Hydra shot special warning on Sasszine now also has icon in it
  • Changed dread shark warning back to special warning on mythic sasszine. In addition. If a voice pack user, the voice alert will say "take damage" or "watch step" based on if you have bufferfish or not
  • Timers on Sasszine will now make better use of inline icons to greater distinctify them.

  • Increased antispam threshold for parasite warnings on Telarn.
  • Star Auger warning for void will now more clearly say "look away"

5 man Dungeons
  • Karazhan trash warning for Flashlight will now more clearly say "look away"

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