7.2.18 Released

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7.2.18 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:17 am

New Features

  • "Expand Upward" and "Fill Up" bar options can now be adjusted per bar type instead of globally. This means you can have large bars and small bars do different things. Want small bars to fill and large bars to drain? Make it so!

  • Updated Eonar post mythic testing
  • Updated Hasabel post mythic testing
  • Updated Imonar post mythic testing
  • Updated Val post mythic testing.
  • Updated most mods, in addition to ones tested, to have more countdown options

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Added new announce that will announce when RAID takes first damage tick from burden of pain on mythic sasszine. It will not announce any other ticks and will not announce at all on non mythic. It's just to help track when sometimes visual is has is small (tank took super tiny hit) and you still want to know it happened and wasn't a dodge/parry.

Bug Fixes:

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Fixed another burden of pain timer regression from again me screwing up logic in the success vs start timer options on mistress sasszine.
  • Fixed a bug where spear of anguish count was never shown in warning/timers. The work in adding that was only half finished.


  • DBM-DefaultSkin can no longer be disabled, to prevent users from disabling it then getting errors if they have no alternate skin available.
  • Always show speedkill timer option is now OFF by default (and the defaults for it have been reset, just this one time). This feature is NOT gone and can be turned back on in options. It's just important that as fights get more complicated and number of timers/abilities bosses have increases, such features that add additional timers need to be Opt in, as opposed to Opt out
  • DBM will now show logs needed message more often, in areas DBM needs more work/help.

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Changed countdown yells on Mistress to go back to using 1 icon instead of double, for yell uniformity.
  • Changed applied yells on Mistress to go back to using 2 icon instead of 4, for yell uniformity.
  • Changed countdown yells on KJ erupting to include 1 icon in yell.
  • Changed countdown yells on Fallen Avatar dark mark to include 1 icon in yell.
  • Changed timers for Unbound Chaos, Ruptured Realities, and Touch of Sargeras to include cast count on Fallen Avatar.
  • Changed burden of pain to count timer on Sasszine.
  • Changed Burning armor to count timer on Goroth
  • Changed Slicing Torando timer to count timer on Sasszine
  • Changed all 3 special timers on sisters of moon to count timers.

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