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DBM 7.2.15 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:15 am

New Features

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Added trash warnings for Lunar Bomb and embrace of the tides
  • Added say message for light/fel infusion colors, as requested by some users. Debated for a while whether it should be on or off by default but since multiple users asked for it, decided to go with on for now.
  • Added new option (on by default) to auto filter bone armor announces/infoframe/nameplates for Reanimated Templars on Desolate Host if you are using 3 or more tanks.

5 Man Dungeons:
  • DBM will now accept syncs from LW spy helper, now that it has one, on CoS trash

Bug Fixes

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Fixed Hydrashot timer being too long on phase 2 non mythic sasszine
  • Fixed Spear of Anguish timer not starting on Desolate host after first cast.
  • Fixed an issue were rapid fire warning on sisters of moon told you to move away from others when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed an issue where moontalon warning would fire twice if boss stutter casted on sisters of the moon
  • Fixed special timers that would not update correctly on phase 3 change sisters of the moon.
  • Fixed some phase 2 and phase 3 timers that were too long on sisters of the moon. Also Scrapped one timer that was far too variable.
  • Fixed and re-enabled moontalon timer on sisters of moon, for post hotfix update. Should be very accurate now too now that I see how it's coded.
  • Fixed one last remaining issue with goroth comet warnings.
  • Fixed commanding roar timer on heroic and mythic Harj from being too short. It was changed at some point and I honestly didn't notice until someone reported it just now.
  • Fixed bug where the "you're still on wrong target" fel squall warning didn't give correct target name on demonic Inquisition

  • Fixed chaos seed timer not working if more than 1 shard add up on Mythic Guldan

  • Changed external sync snooping for external mods (especially transcriptor which is used a lot these days for RAID_BOSS_WHISPER) to be better handled by core instead of needlessly watching addon coms a second time within sub mods.

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Scrapped Tormented Soul counter on demonic Inquisition since Combat log is broken for them and shows no death event for them, making it impossible to track until/if blizzard fixes it
  • Changed sisters of moon stack warnings to fire every 4 stacks (up from 2) to reduce spam.
  • Changed voice back sound for stack warnings on mythic to say 'stack high" instead of "change moon" on sisters of the moon.
  • Changed rapid fire yell on sisters of moon to be off by default.
  • Changed icons used on Demonic Inq a bit do to user feedback triangle was hard to see in the room
  • Changed icons used on KJ for erupting souls to not conflict with recently added ones for them in BW to ensure the DBM says/icons are compatible in mixed mod raids. This shuffled some other icons around too
  • Changed wither warning on Desolate host to no longer announce targets by default for non healers
  • Changed Spirit Chains target announce to off by default on desolate host.
  • Changed scream warning on desolate host to no longer fire when bone armor count is at 0 (personal warnings still fire of course, but you only need to know when it's on someone ELSE when you have active bone armors)
  • Changed Slam warning on desolate host to not fire if 3 or more tanks are detected on pull (because if you are using 3 tanks you're probably tanking templers by the door and slam warnings can get spammy, plus are irrelevant if they are by the door)
  • Changed Lunar Beacon on sisters of moon to target scan that will warn target sooner if possible. Combat log will still be used as backup.
  • Changed voice used for wailing cries if you are in regular realm to say adds incoming. if you are in spirit realm it still warns about the aoe

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