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DBM 7.2.12 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:51 pm

New Features:

Antorus, the Burning Throne
  • Added preliminary support for all bosses in Antorus. No timers or warnings yet, just pull/kill/wipe/status etc support

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Added Baloc Prison personal warning
  • Added KJs new 10 minute berserk timer
  • Added icon marking to Quills and Anguish on Demonic inquisition
  • Added a better switch warning after aoes on inquisition to get on correct boss target at correct time to minimize torment.
  • Added berserk timers for Maiden, Harj, and Inquisition from public WCL parses
  • Added a Meteor impact timer to mythic goroth for Brimstone impact
  • Re-enabled Belac timers with some additional timer extend code to make them slightly less inaccurate. Should still be taken with a grain of salt because sometimes he simply doesn't cast something for upwards of 30 seconds for NO REASON (ie not delayed by squall). Use the timers to see when he will NOT cast something, not when he will.
  • Added audio countdowns to hydra shot, slicing tornados, and burden of pain on sasszine
  • Added auto marking of wavemenders when they spawn on Harj
  • Added additional trash warnings for lighting storm, sever soul, Electro Shock, and massive eruption
  • Added audio countdown to 3 specials on sisters of the moon

  • Added stubs for Argus world bosses. These do NOT have pull detection yet since bosses do not yet have creature IDs and most missing encounter IDs.

5 Man Dungeons
  • Added preliminary support for all bosses in Seat of Triumvirate. No timers or warnings yet, just pull/kill/wipe/status etc support

Bug Fixes:

Tomb of Sargeras:
  • Fixed first Shattering star timer on mythic Goroth (it's delayed 10 seconds by Rain of Brimstone) as well as all casts after 4th
  • Fixed countdown yells on fallen avatar for dark mark being wrong
  • Fixed interrupt voice pack warning on Maiden of Vigilance firing late (warning was fine)
  • Tweaked host timers for final phase which seem 1 second faster this week than last week
  • Fixed taunt warning on sasszine to say target name instead of unknown, should also fix antispam as a result
  • Fixed Harjatan so timers always assume Draw in is not going to happen, until it does. This means now, timers will continue going up until the point that draw in ACTUALLY happens. This way, if draw in doesn't happen, users still have timers.
  • Fixed taunt warning on Goroth telling you to taunt before melted armor expires, causing you to get one shot by melee. Now, when other tank gets Burning armor, the taunt warning accounts for debuff overlap and is delayed until your melted armor expires.
  • Fixed health reporting for KJ.
  • Fixes to flame orb timer for phase 3 KJ
  • Fixed infoframe not hiding on combat end if wiped during phase 3 KJ
  • Fixed infoframe so it no longer shows during first darkness cast on KJ (since no rift)
  • Fixed Glaive Storm warning/timer not showing on sisters of the moon


Tomb of Sargeras
  • Changed existing run out/switch warnings for aoes on inquisition to only fire if you're actually on those targets when aoes start. If they are not your current target, those warnings are now squelched.
  • Changed the Brimstone soak warning to be OFF by default for tanks on Goroth, because telling tanks to help soak that is a VERY bad idea.
  • Shortened yell text across the board when longer text (such as including player name) is not that important. Knowing player name for something like incorp shot is important, knowing it for volley is not, for example.
    Also removed spell names from countdowns/fade yells when there is little chance of confusing it with another spell, such as unstable bombs on maiden, it’s only yell on fight so countdown doesn’t need spell name, just count.
  • Removed initial yell for unstable application on maiden. Raid only needs to know when you're about to blow up for this one, not 8 seconds ahead of time.

See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=254&p=780#p780 for previous release notes.

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