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DBM 7.2.9 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:41 am

New Features:

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Added stack warning to below realm during demonic inquisition
  • Added phase 2 detection and timers for Desolate Host
  • Added Icon marking for Soulbind on Desolate Host
  • Added yell to tormenting Cries on Desolate Host
  • Added Target Announce to give all shadowy Blades targets on Fallen Avatar, in addition to a personal warning/yell.
  • Added icon option for shadowy blades on fallen avatar as well.
  • Added audio countdowns to both hammers on Maiden
  • Added countdown for rupture realities on Fallen Avatar (phase 2 only, phase 1 has too much variation, upwards of 7 seconds).
  • Added a new timer/countdown and warning for tanks to move maiden to new beams when they change locations on Fallen Avatar
  • Added new icon option to maiden to auto mark tanks their respective soak colors (green triangle for fel and gold star for light). These icons will automatically keep tanks marked their correct stack colors to help rest of raid out.
  • Added proper phase 1.5, 2, 2.5 and phase 3 support to Kil Jaeden mod. this includes lots of new timers/warnings, and bugfixes. if I was verbose about the changes, I could double size of change log, plus I didn't actually write all changes down, :)
  • Added auto icon setting for bursting & Focused dreadflame on Kil Jaeden
  • Added infoframe to kil Jaeden to show who's not safe in a rift during darkness cast.

Bug Fixes:

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Fixed comet double message from UNIT_AURA changes on goroth, (now has a valid CLEU event anyways)
    also fixed timer related to them moving comet UNIT event to a diff timing.
  • Fixed range checker showing 30 instead of 10 on LFR/normal Goroth (note 30 is used because there is no 25-29 item to use for anything less)
  • Fixed hydra shot warning giving number instead of name on Sasszine
  • Fixed info frame not hiding on combat end during Sisters of the Moon (still have to fix it being blank instead of showing absorbs remaining on players/boss.
  • Fixed timer accuracy on Demonic Inquisition by updating them on fly after any ability cast
  • Fixed Calcified Quills timer showing on normal/LFR difficulty demonic inquisition
  • Fixed bug with friggid blows stack warning not giving correct counts on Harjatan
  • Fixed warning icon for Devouring Maw warning on sasszine
  • Fixed phased realm detection on Desolate Host
  • Fixed missing spellId causing Wailing Souls warnings/timers not to work on Desolate Host
  • Fixed some incorrect timers on Desolate Host
  • Fixed info frame and range frames from showing even if disabled on Desolate Host
  • Fixed some heroic/mythic only timers showing on normal/lfr Fallen Avatar
  • Fixed ruptured realities timer in phase 2 Fallen Avatar
  • Fixed the jump in pit warning on Maiden to not tell you to jump in too early on heroic/Mythic difficulty. On higher difficulties the jump warning now comes later.
  • Fixed info frame not displaying shield remaining on Maiden and showing wrong spell name on info frame (showing spell that needs interrupting not bulwark name). Also fixed a bug where after interrupt it didn't switch immediately back to being a bomb tracker.
  • Fixed a lua error on Fallen avatar with one of voice play functions.
  • Fixed respawn time for sisters of moon being 1 second too long


Tomb of Sargeras
  • Changed Spammy yell for Unbound Chaos to be off by default on Fallen Avatar
  • Changed voice/special warnings for bone saw and fel squall to be more clear that only melee should run out and everyone else should just stop attacking during the demonic inquisition encounter.
  • Changed summon Ossunet warning to a clearer “Befouling Ink” warning on Sasszine
  • Scrapped scream timer to reduce spam on Desolate Host
  • Disabled spammy Dark Depths warning on Sasszine by default.

Note: I am sure there is more I forgot, and a large chunk of last two days was spent on KJ so those 3 lines sell significance of how much was improved there, very very short.
There are also still some known issues/improvements being worked on and I'm always taking all reports and feedback!

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