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DBM 7.2.8 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed May 24, 2017 9:06 am

New Features:

  • Added support for additional Timewalking difficulty index (likely used for raids like black temple or outdoor world bosses)
  • Added generic GTFO warning to be used on future encounters to consolidate having redundant options for 4-5 diff "You're standing in bad" warnings into one.

  • Added more Heroic Anomaly timer data.
  • Added taunt warning to taunt elisande if Conflexive Burst is applied to tank currently tanking Elisande.
  • Added missing stomp warning for the weekly world quest protector type mob

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Added another trash warning to Cathedral of eternal night

Bug Fixes:

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Corrected some timers on mythic difficulty that changed in most recent raid testing.
  • Some bug fixes and lua errors fixed

  • Removed chat message that'd show when you got call of night (on botanist) that should have been removed months ago that explained how to use HUD/Radar together for it (both of which have been features that haven't worked since nighthold beta). My main is a tank, PLEASE report bugs like this to me. This should have been fixed MUCH sooner. :\
  • Fixed bug where the pre warning for running to wall on mythic elisande for singularity was on by default for healers. It's now ranged DPS only by default. Also fixed a bug where the voice alert actually went off for everyone regardless of settings for run to wall pre warning.
  • Fixed bug where count was not displayed correctly in beam timer during tichondrius night phase.
  • Fixed bug where Spanning Singularity timers would not start any timers or show warnings on NORMAL difficulty in phase 2 and phase 3 Elisande.
  • Also fixed another bug where timer/countdown for LAST singularity of phase 2-3 Elisande would not start in any difficulty. (This bug was only reported to me within last few days so it's gone unnoticed for months).
  • Fixed a bug where info frame would remain open on a guldan wipe


  • Artifact challenge kills/wipes will now report boss HP %.
  • Changed /dway (DBMs built in waypoint arrow function) to cancel arrow within 1 yard of destination instead of 0.5 yards to make it less strict on clearing.

  • Changed voice sound file used on botanist for Call of night to no longer give position assignments and instead just say you are targetted.
  • The voice pack alert for big adds spawning in phase 3 mythic guldan will now also speak add count after "big mob".
  • Removed "thing" timer on star auger since it was redundant to grav pull timer.
  • Storm of the Destroyer and Flames of Sargeras will now use "Storm" and "flames" short text or timers and chat bubbles to reduce clutter
  • Chosen Fate trash alerts for other targets now off by default since people usually pull a lot of these mobs at once. Personal warnings unchanged.
  • Trilliax Imprints now have a voice pack alert when spawning and should no longer play generic sound when they spawn if voice pack is installed.

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