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DBM 7.2.7 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu May 04, 2017 5:59 am

New Features:

  • Added a new checkbox to Global disables that now lets you disable all LOGIN messages (the one time messages: WHATS NEW, VOICE PACK RECOMMENDED, LOCALIZERS NEEDED, HOW TO BEGIN USING DBM, ETC), update notifications (no matter how out of date DBM is), and mod recommendations (for zones you enter for which mods exist but you do not have them installed). Dev Note 1
  • Added a feature to globally disable sounds (ONLY sounds) in dbm via "/dbm silent" as a toggle.

  • Added audio countdown for Visions on mythic phase 3 guldan
  • Added pre warning to Mythic Elisande for ranged to run to edge of room 5 seconds before singularity

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Added 5 additional trash warnings to CoEN dungeon for Shadow Wave, Dread Scream, Choking Vines, Tome of everlasting Silence, and Lumbering Crash
  • Added audio countdown to chaos cast on Domatrax

Broken Isles:
  • Added actual warnings/timers to Flatsam mod.

Bug Fixes

  • More fixes for bad winds timers on Mythic guldan because I can't count (timers were right, 2 of em started in wrong place still)
  • Mythic Phase 3 guldan wipes will now report 1/2 bosses defeated instead of 0/2 (if you are in phase 3, you are 1/2 yay). It'll also always report demon withins health in phase 3, not guldans or nil.
  • Fixe some timers that didn't have count in them (and instead showed a 0) in mythic phase 3 guldan
  • Fixed voice pack option default for arcanoslash on trilliax so it's no longer telling non tanks to pop defensives



Nighthold (Dev Note 2)
  • Changed countdown voice for Crash on phase 3 mythic guldan and changed it to tank only by default.
  • Change all phase 3 mythic countdowns to start at 6 seconds (up from 4). Note, if using an overwatch or heroes voice, those counts can only start from 5.
  • Eliminated some minor redundancies on guldan mythic such as having two timers for demon within phase starting instead of one (time til cast begins and then cast timer). Now it's just one single cast timer that covers both.
  • Purified Essence warning on mythic guldan will no longer spam when you set off multiple at once. A 5 second CD has been added to warning so if more than 1 is set off within 5 seconds the addition warnings are suppressed.

Dev Notes:
  • 1. A lot of people got upset last month when DBM tried to recommend/push voice packs. DBM truly is designed to best be used with voice packs, to be up to date at all times, etc. However, some people rather just not know and don't care how out of date mod is or how much better DBM can be with more 3rd party mods/sounds. Now, they can turn this unrecommended setting on and DBM will bother them no more.
  • 2. I would have welcomed a lot of feedback on some of these guldan tweaks so they could have been made ages ago. If you use DBM, and have feedback, even criticisms please share them!. I'm my own worst critic and this stuff this update fixes, annoyed me when I got to fight too, but I had power to fix it hah. But I also had power to fix it weeks/months ago too if users were just as harsh on mods as I am :)
  • 3. The default voice for countdown voice 3 used to be a heroes of the storm voice. If you update to DBM 7.2.7 without having Heroes count pack already installed, this voice will be reset to "Pewsey". If you install HoTS count pack first, it'll stay Ravenlord. Note that if it does get reset to Pewsey you can install HoTS pack (https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/dea ... storm-hots) and change it back to Ravenlord (or any of the other MANY NEW countdowns now included in new stand alone pack like Illiden)

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