DBM 7.2.3 Released

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DBM 7.2.3 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:35 am

New Features

  • DBM version check will now work across build on login, and not just joining raids. This way if there is an update available you can find out about it sooner than right as you're showing up for raid.

  • LFR elisande finally has timers. While they don't really matter in LFR, eventually they might matter down road in an underman/solo scenario
  • Added more countdown options for Star Auger

World Events:
  • Added support for the 3 player demonic invasion scenarios. Bombardment should be supported in all 4. Azsuna and Val'Sharah have additional warnings

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where countdown sounds would not honor selections if more than 1 was set to same voice. Now this should work correctly. It was a really hard bug to track down.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented voice pack filter from working on voices/warnings with custom locals (such as tichondrius incoming adds warning). Now if a voice pack is installed the generic special warning sounds for such an alert should be suppressed as intended when voice sound file plays.

  • Removed combat message from mythic guldan I forgot to remove months ago.
  • Fixed a bug where fast elemental timers on mythic elisande would start using wrong elemental counter (ironically I don't think this ever actually caused an issue, since slow ones always spawn first so the counter would be same)
  • Fixed a bug where first phase 2 orb timer/countdown didn't start on normal elisande
  • Fixed a lua error on Gul'dan mythic.


  • Updated core to block DBM-ProvingGrounds from loading as it's now depricated by DBM-Challenges. This is done to prevent load conflicts from both existing at same time. In addition, if challenges isn't installed it'll now alert that it's available when entering artifact challenges at mage tower.

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