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DBM 7.1.18 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:06 am

New Features

5 Man Dungeons
  • Added mod drycode for Agronox in Cathedral of Eternal Night

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a regression from 7.1.17 that caused the info frames I wanted static sorting on, to end up being blank instead. Now the new custom sorting should work without making them blank.
  • Fixed a new lua error introduced by 7.1.17 changes for when an Infoframe would call a manual "Update" before frame is created.

  • Fixed a bug where the 3rd Flames of Sargeras timer (of each set on heroic/mythic) was short by a few seconds (basically forgot to add the time between 1-2 to the timer for 3 so timer for 3rd was starting using time between 2-3 not the time between 1-3.
  • Fixed a bug where Burst announce on elisande announced on expire when it wasn't meant to.
  • Fixed a bug where winds 4 timer would start on non mythic guldan
  • Fixed a bug where winds 3 timer wouldn't start at all on mythic guldan
  • Fixed a regression where icon marking on fiery adds didn't work on Alluriel. They were changed to a faster method but I had the timing a little wrong. They seem to be working again and faster (as originally intended)
  • Fixed a bug where alluriel timers in SECOND frost phase would be incorrect for some abilities.
  • Fixed a bug where fel soul spawn announce didn't show on mythic Alluriel.
  • Fixed a bug where decimate timers (add tank ability for mythic alluriel) was less accurate than it should have been
  • Fixed a bug with the "keep argus on players" strat on tichondrius would cause some icons & warnings to show show too soon and in duplicate when new brands go out


  • Made taunt behavior more consistent with other boss mods and give taunt warning at more appropriate stack count and if not time to taunt yet, give generic stack count warning on Alluriel. This change also fixes a bug where it'd announce wrong tank target if a taunt happened mid cast and she actually put debuff on someone else.
  • Changed fixate nameplate auras on botanist to apply to parasites instead of players they are chasing, since attaching to players is broken in 7.2
  • Changed infoframe behavior for Tichondrius. Combined argus racking with debuff/add counts in a new hybrid frame that provides same old argus list with other fight overview information.

This was a maintenance release mostly to fix some regressions from the bigger viewtopic.php?f=3&t=200 release. Should read both change logs or a complete list of changes this week.

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