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DBM 7.1.17 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:14 pm

New Features:

  • Infoframe can now do unit absorbs (player or boss or both).
  • Infoframe now has new code to handle pre sorted lines by boss mods so sorting in some encounters can be static when needed.

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Updated Demonic Inquisition from Mythic Testing
  • Updated Harjatan from Mythic & LFR Testing
  • Updated Goroth from Mythic & LFR Testing
  • Updated Sasszine From Mythic & LFR Testing
  • Updated Desolate Host from Mythic Testing
  • Updated Sisters of the Moon from Mythic & LFR Testing and added Absorb infoframe
  • Updated Maiden of Vigilence from Mythic & LFR Testing and added Absorb infoframe
  • Updated Fallen Avatar from Mythic Testing
  • Added full Kil'Jaeden drycode mod now that journal is complete (well minus any mythic only details).

  • Added pre warning for Grace of Nature to Botanist to help pre moving strats.
  • Added option to auto mark Naturalist Tel'arn on pull with skull (mythic only)
  • Added timers to the second flames cast (from each set) in ALL difficulties and third flames casts (from each set) to heroic and mythic guldan since users requested it
  • Re-Added the flare timer/message for mythic difficulty botanist if Solarist is last one alive.
  • Updated LFR Guldan timers
  • Finally added countdown options to Guldan. PTR has had me so buried I forgot about this until reminded. Sorry about that!
  • Added Absorb infoframe for Time Release. Made this new default. However, if you still prefer time bomb, added a drop down menu to choose between old and new behavior.
  • Added missing frostbitten stack personal warning to Alluriel
  • Updated berserk timer for tichondrius on normal (and lfr assumed as well).

Trial of Valor
  • Added NP Aura option for branded to Odyn

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a rare lua error with Raid Warning positioning

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Fixed a typo in ALL mods that caused all timers/warnings that used SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS not to work

  • Winds timer will now cancel when guldan dies on mythic difficulty.
  • Fixed a bug where icons didn't reset for Call of NIght on Botanist
  • Fixed a bug where Summon Balls/Spheres timer would fail to start if Botanist skips a balls cast. Now DBM works around this blizzard bug by scheduling backup timer if previous cast doesn't happen.
  • Fixed a bug where flames of sargeras timers wouldn't start if Guldan cast Flames during black harvest. DBM will now use debuff applications as a fallback for missing SPELL_CAST events
  • Fixed botanist to report how many bosses defeated on wipes for mythic difficulty (instead of always reporting 0/3). Now when your friends see you wiping they'll know you're making progress!
  • Fixed a bug where first big slam didn't have pre warning countdown on krosus
  • Fixed timer for first orb being 2 seconds too slow (when did this change?) on heroic krosus
  • Fixed warning for Temperal charge on Anomaly to not announce orb.
  • Fixed a bug where Alluriel didn't have respawn timer.
  • Fixed a bug where annihilate timer on alluriel would no longer be correct if tank died during cast and caused her to start cast over again.
  • Fixed bug where only a gear icon was shown for animate frost by using a custom icon for it since blizzard didn't give the spell a valid icon on Alluriel
  • Fixed a bug where only a gear icon was shown for bat counts during Tichondrius. Now it'll show a bat icon!
  • Fixed missing voice pack sound for souls stacks on Guldan
  • Fixed heroic/mythic berserk timer on tichondrius being slightly too long.


  • Changed InfoFrame to be more efficient and not use onUpdate when not needed and to instead use manual updates when information on frame actually changes.

  • Changed audio countdown for grace of nature to start countdown from 6 instead of 4 on Botanist
  • Changed botanist wipe/status to report lowest boss health in phase 1 and 2 instead of highest on wipes (only relevant to mythic, non mythic unchanged since all health same)
  • Changed personal warning for time bomb to be a level 3 alert, not level 1
  • Odyn now uses the pre sorting method on infoframe to keep entries in frame consistently in same order between pulls so it's easier to find that info where you expect it. Did same for info frame on Ilgynoth and Desolate Host (Tomb)
  • Changed tichondrius to warn after every 4 bats killed instead of every 5

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