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DBM 7.1.16 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sat Feb 18, 2017 6:33 pm

New Features:

  • Fairly large Spanish support update across most mods and core.

Tomb of Sergaras
  • Updated Demonic Inquisition from public logs.
  • Updated Sasszine Pro-V from public logs
  • Updated Sisters of the Moon from public logs
  • Updated Desolate Host from public Logs
  • Updated Fallen Avatar from public Logs/drycoded the rest.
  • Updated Maiden of Vigilence from public logs

  • Added felstomp GTFO and timer to Mythic Aluriel
  • Added fellash pre warning and timer to Mythic Aluriel
  • Added Winds timer to Mythic Guldan (untested drycode currently, using weird events)
  • Elisande should have an RP timer now (at least for english users)
  • Gul'dan should have an RP timer now (at least for english users)
  • Added general announce for who picks up orb on Anomaly
  • Added warning/announce/countdown for carrion nightmare on Tichondrius
  • Added trash warning to interrupt Arcane Blast (maybe your tanks won't die as much now)
  • Added trash warning for Searing Wound (maybe your tanks won't die as much now)
  • Added dodge warning for Nighwell Discharge for weekly quest mob Nightwell Diviner
  • Trilliax mod will now announce cleansing rage cast by imprint as well.

Broken Isles:
  • Added mods for all 4 new world bosses on Broken Shore

5 Man Dungeons
  • Added curse of witch countdown yell to Hatecoil
  • Updated CoS Spy event to fully support even more languages, such asRussian. It should now be supported in ALL game languages thanks to tons of contributions from various people.

Bug Fixes:

  • DBM will now block "kill" syncs from other players in open world to prevent an issue where world boss combat would pre maturely end if people in your group (but in a different shard) killed same world boss you are still fighting in your own shard.

  • Fixed a couple bugs where the early phase 3 detection for mythic guldan (one requiring yell) was wasn't working. It didn't effect mod too much since there is a backup phase detection, it just affected showing a single timer for Demon within.
  • Fixed a bad spellId for Shockwave in scorpyron's Options

Broken Isles:
  • Fixed a bug with one of Humongris' announces, announcing wrong spell name

5 Man Dungeons
  • Fixed CN and TW locals for Sleeve messages in CoS Spy Event
  • Fixed one clue bug for english female on CoS Spy Event


  • Updated nameplates to split hostile/friendly nameplate enable callbacks. Mostly so fights like Trilliax don't force enable friendly nameplates for no reason, when auras are used only on hostiles. As an added bonus, other mods did same thing, so it reduces fragmentation and stress for kesava. :)
  • Changed anchor and frame strata for nameplate icon for users NOT using KuiNameplates. This should resolve issues with certain unit frames and other addons sitting at a low or medium strata to not get covered by the nameplate icon.

Tomb of Sergaras
  • Removed friendly nameplate features from all of Tomb mods.

  • Changed krosus taunt warnings to be MUCH more aggressive in effort to minimize stacks as much as possible to help keep prot warriors alive who are just SO GOOD at mitigating magic damage.

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