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DBM 7.1.13 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:43 pm

New Features:

  • DBM-Core will now warn when you have installed modules that are disabled. This is to help reduce number of issues players have where x zone doesn't work because it's disabled.
  • DBM-Core has a new nameplate aura feature. This feature adds large spell icons above nameplates (friendly or hostile) when deployed by a boss mod. This is a very fancy and automated aura tracker basically to make seeing debuff/buffs on targets MUCH easier.
    How it works: If you are using a nameplate mod that supports it such as KuiNameplates, DBM will simply tell KUI how to handle it and it'll do everything, including hiding/showing friendly nameplates. Configuration for that will all be through nameplate mod.
    If you are using a nameplate mod (or base nameplates) that does not support DBM passing it on, DBM activates internal code instead. DBMs internal code does NOT auto toggle nameplates and requires friendly nameplates be enabled before hand, or it won't do anything.
    As for style/theme of your nameplates, that's up to you to configure through your nameplates settings to ensure friendly nameplates aren't a mess or in the way. I recommend text only style with click through enabled for friendly units if available within your nameplate mod for friendly npcs/players.
    All mods that support feature have it ON by default, however if you want to opt out completely there is a global disable in dbm options under global disables/filters. Enable this global disable and the feature is universally shut off for all current and future mods.
    Note: This feature adds new file, reloadui will not cut it with this update or you may encounter errors. This feature is also very much WIP and could have bugs on either DBMs end or Nameplate mods end. Bare with us on integration. Please report any bugs you encounter.

  • Added another yell option for Star Auger for Fel ejection for debuff application as well, so now ability has two yell options (applied, and fading)
  • Improved infoframe for Star auger mythic to provide list of players with same star sign if you have debuff. if you do not have debuff it will still fall back to old overview frame with 4 signs and total counts.
  • Added much longer timer data for void phase on Mythic Star Auger
  • Added defensive warning for Arcane Slash on Triliax
  • Added audio countdown option for arcane slash timer on triliax
  • Added a power overwhelming counter announce to Chronomatic Anomaly to better track stacks
  • Added a puddle counter to Fel Ejection on Star Auger
  • Added spawn timers for imprints on Mythic Trilliax
  • Added announce for imprints Annihilation cast on Mythic Trilliax
  • Added timer for imprints Annihilation cooldown (currently approx til more vetted) on Mythic Trilliax
  • Added timer data for 2nd toxic slice cast from imprint on Mythic Trilliax
  • Added support for receiving Krosus Assist information. Once received, DBM will once again show arrows and give voice pack warnings for beam direction for EVERYONE in the raid (yes, only one person needs to do this, information will be shared unless it's LFR then sharing is disabled to prevent trolling and you have to do it yourself). If you prefer to do it via macro instead of a popup/box, you can set first arrow direction via "/run DBMUpdateKrosusBeam(wasLeft)" changing "wasLeft" to true/false. This is something you have to do every pull because random is random and DBM will make no assumptions that get players incorrect information.
  • Added auto nameplate aura tracker option to mythic star auger for Grand Conjunction
  • Added auto nameplate aura tracker option to Tel'arn for parasite fixates
  • Added auto nameplate aura tracker option to Tel'arn for Call of Night
  • Added auto nameplate aura tracker option to Tichondrius for Carrion Plague
  • Added auto nameplate aura tracker option to Anomaly for Time Bomb
  • Added auto nameplate aura tracker option to Mark of Frost on Alluriel
  • Added auto nameplate aura tracker option to beams on Elisande (off by default)
  • Added timer for grand conjunction star signs fading to to go with countdown since not everyone can hear countdown. Sorry for this oversight
  • Added mythic timers to Elisande
  • Added timers for time bubbles on Elisande (Note: this relies on at least one person in each party within raid having updated DBM to sync up elemental party kills since blizzard decided UNIT_DIED for them should be a hidden event.
  • Added audio countdown for Spanning Singularity on mythic Elisande, since dealing with it is very different there.
  • Added audio countdown for Orbs on Elisande

Trial of Valor
  • Added auto nameplate aura tracker option to mythic Odyn for Runic Brand
  • Added auto nameplate aura tracker option to Volatile Foam on Mythic Guarm

Emerald Nightmare
  • Added auto nameplate aura tracker option to Ursoc for Charge

Bug Fixes:

  • Worked around a bug where Star auger would cast ejection DURING nether traverse and mess up ejection timers for rest of phase.
  • Fixed a bug where Fel ejection timers didn't show on Mythic
  • Fixed a bug where the Bonds of fel icon option on Gul'dan didn't actually do anything to control the icons, because the option wasn't properly linked up to the feature yet. This resulted in icons always being set regardless on if checkbox was enabled or not
  • Fixed a bug where Power Overwhelming warning didn't fire on Chronomatic Anomaly
  • Fixed bug where 5th liquid hellfire timer was too short. both 5 and 7th are always longer,not just 7th for heroic/normal guldan.
  • Fixed a lot more normal elisande timer changes.
  • Fixed bug where audio countdown for Grand Conjunction debuff ending was too long

World Bosses:
  • Removed bad interrupt warning from Soul Takers. Replaced it with an actual personal warning/yell and radar option instead.
  • Removed bad cast bar from Soul Takers


  • Removed various debug/notice messages that didn't belong anymore from multiple bosses/zones
  • Made GetCurrentInstanceDifficulty function far more efficient mid fight. It'll no longer request instance info from server via GetInstanceInfo() when it's not necessary

  • Grand Conjunction timer changed to show cast count on Star auger.
  • Changed all nova and world devouring timers to show count on Star auger
  • Improved taunt warnings for arcane slash on Triliax to be smarter (check debuff time remaining, emphesize 2 stacks, etc)
  • Upgraded the yells for both bonds of fel and flames to use icon/position yells on Gul'dan
  • Changed infoframe on Trilliax to show "Not Stuffed" instead of "Stuffed" list.
  • Changed all the phase change warnings on Trilliax to include phase counter as well
  • Changed audio countdown for grand conjunction to start counting down from 10 instead of 5 (this plus bug fix above should make it much more useful)
  • Re-enabled Spanning Singularity GTFO for elisande for non tanks
  • Removed Countdown option for beams on elisande, with two new countdowns, there are too many countdowns and beams was least of the priorities.

Trial of Valor
  • Odyn mod will no longer report hyrja or hymdall as defeatable bosses in status whispers and instead just report Odyn's %. This is because hymdall and Hyrja are never "defeated" and mod ALWAYS reported 0/3 defeated for "in progress" status.

World Bosses:
  • Changed mist warning to a run out special warning for melee that are targeting that boss on Soul Takers

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