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DBM 7.1.12 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Jan 25, 2017 9:26 pm

New Features:

  • Added new trash warnings for oozing rush, fel glare, toxic chit, infinite abyss, and poison brambles
  • Added more timer data to Gul'dan phase 3 (non mythic)
  • Added warning to switch to Tilliax imprints spawn, including what type it is
  • Toxic Slice cast by Trilliax imprint will now have a cast announce and it's own timer
  • Added another 40 seconds worth of timers to krosus mythic. Mods pretty much complete up to berserk now
  • Added even more timer data to Guldan phase 2s that are excessively long
  • Added more backup detections for the missing from combat log orb spawns in phase 3 elisande so mod is less reliant on scheduling, when localized
  • Added Mythic Aluriel berserk timer
  • Added knockback alert to decimate for whoever is currently threat target for Fel Soul on Mythic Aluriel
  • Added timers for decimate on Mythic Aluriel
  • Add marking of players affected by searing brand 3 seconds before detonate is cast, so users can quickly get to assigned marks if needed depending on strat.
  • Added timer for first orbs of phase 3 Mythic Tel'arn in naturalist > arcanist > solarist strat. No changes to rest of timers, they were already perfect.
  • Added yells to fel injection on Star Auger

5 man Dungeons:
  • Added Unstable Mana warning to Vandros

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a possible lua error if user tries to open HUD test inside an instance

  • Updated Elisande timers for normal/lfr which blizzard changed a bit do to removal of echoes on these difficulties. Removed the echo timers as well.
  • Fixed tichondrius normal timers with more changes to normal to slow speed of fight (this change may have actually happened last week but I missed it).
  • Fixed a bug where some time release timers on mythic anomaly conflicted with one another and didn't display properly
  • Fixed a bug where tank explosion would continue counting down on phase change during Elisande
  • Fixed a bug where tank would be told to taunt for bonds of fel, when you ARE the tank targetted by bonds of fel (caused by a weird threat refresh bug on phase 2 transition)
  • Fixed conjunction timers for Mythic Star Auger
  • Fixed some mythic fel ejection/icy injection timers, which are slightly altered by grand conjunction
  • Fixed tanking timers for annihilate on mythic Aluriel


  • Removed Overwhelming Power Interrupt warning for Chronomatic anomaly for two reasons. It rarely worked, and it didn't fit in line with most strats that don't necessary want to interrupt right away. This warning has been replaced with a new generic announce that spell is being cast at all that's now enabled by default for all.

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