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DBM 7.1.11 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Mon Jan 23, 2017 5:40 am

New Features:

  • Added another taunt warning on cast START for bonds of fel for Gul'dan
  • Added a taunt warning for flames of sargeras if it’s on a tank for Gul'dan
  • All eye warnings/timers now have count in them for Gul'dan
  • Added timer rule for 7th phase 2 eye on Gul'dan
  • Update timers for Normal/LFR Tel'arn Nerfs (I don't consider this a bugfix since they were correct before, but changed by hotfix. :P )

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that'd cause icon setting on mobs to fail if they do not yet have valid unitIds at time dbm tries to set icons.

  • Guldan will now report correct health percentage on wipes instead of unknown.
  • Fixed faster phase 2 detection on Gul'dan
  • scraped soul vortex timer for now on Gul'dan. mob almost never casts it. When it does, it’s never at same time.
  • Fixed all the warnings/timers for mythic chronomatic Anomaly with live realm data since literally NONE of beta's data was correct anymore.
  • Fixed Aluriel Mythic timers which had some subtle changes from mythic beta testing.
  • Possibly Fixed time bomb countdowns/yells having wrong number when speeds change (Still needs testing)
  • Fixed one voice pack warning for big add in final phase of Star Auger to say “big add” not “kill big add” to be more clear it’s not an add you kill
  • Fixed bug where Trilliax health was not reported in status whispers or on wipes.


  • Updated code throughout Tel'arn to be easier to manage/hotfix in future. MUCH cleaner.
  • Added further throttling to fulminate warnings.

See Also, 7.1.10 changelog for more recent changes:

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