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DBM 7.1.10 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Fri Jan 20, 2017 6:24 am

New Features:

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Added base mods for everything current in dungeon journal. Only supports basic loading and combat detection for now. (WIP) Note: On live these mods will be hidden and not load. They require game TOC version of 70200 for DBM to load or a test build (test builds ignore toc requirement)

  • Added slightly more elisande timer data for phase 1.
  • Added cast bar to big adds aoe/look away on Star auger so it's easier to see when to look away without looking at them.
  • Added tank swap warnings to elisande phase 1
  • Many new trash warnings added (and more to come)
  • Added tank swap warnings to phase 2 Elisande
  • Added voice pack support to elemental warnings on Elisande
  • Added more Elisande timer data to burst in phase 3
  • Added warning for Hand of guldan spawn in phase 2 guldan

5 Man Dungeons
  • Added base mods for everything current in dungeon journal for Cathedral of Eternal Night. Only supports basic loading and combat detection for now. (WIP)

Bug Fixes:

  • Increase scan time on fetter icon to resolve it not auto setting icons on parasites (unconfirmed)
  • Fixed armageddon timer showing in LFR/Normal Aluriel
  • Fixed bug causing rings timers/warnings not to work on Elisande
  • Fixed phase 2 tank timer on elisande being 10 seconds slow
  • Fixed orb warning to actually say orb instead of beam on Elisande (this will also fix beam option being missing from boss options)
  • Fixed orb timer to not screw up and skip ahead (causing timers to be wrong/missing) on Elisande
  • Removed old (and now incorrect) berserk timer on elisande for now until new one can be figured out.
  • Removed old interrupt warning from elisande for a spell that is no longer interruptable on live.
  • Fixed/improved phase 1 heroic timers for Guldan
  • Fixed/improved phase 2 detection on guldan by using better events that aren't broken.
  • Fixed bug where voice pack sound for soul Vortex didn't play on guldan
  • Scrapped heroic timers for anomaly and returned to drawing board with new timers that aren't wrong (I wish they would stop changing.


  • Improved tank swap warnings on telarn to not let stacks get higher than needed
  • Changed Orb warning on Elisande to be on by default for dps and healers instead of just dps. Tanks still omitted for now because they have enough on their plate with keeping boss in correct spot and swapping/taking out explosions.

Because this update is so close to 7.1.9, if you are updating from two versions old you may want to view those complete change logs as well:

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