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DBM 7.1.7 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:32 pm

New Features:

Trial of Valor:
  • Added option to guarm to allow raid leader to change foam yells for entire raid from debuff/icon color matching to actual raidicon/yell icon matching. This is off by default to ensure yells still sync well to way BW does it. Howeverm I do think for some strats, it makes more sense to turn this on and let the yells show the raid icon set on players head instead.
  • Added option to Guarm, on by default, to filter all icons/warnings/yells for Foams that apply to players who don't need to do anything because the foam matches their existing color already. You can of course disable this filter in options if for some reason you still want to set icons and have say/personal warnings for debuffs you literally have to do nothing for except ignore. :)

Broken Isles:
  • Finally replaced Drugon AI mod with actual mod with real timers and some fixes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated GetSpecializationInfo/GetSpecializationInfoByID for 7.1.5 so DBM will recognize specs correctly.

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Fixed mythic deathglare tentacles for phases that go on too long on outside phase 2. (Sorry it took so long to fix this, most pulls never go on this long, including my own guild, and I needed to see it for myself to see what was going on. It was a missing tentacle spawn)

5 man Dungeons:
  • Fixed typo that caused Gerdo Jump warning in Court of stars to never work.

World Events:
  • Fixed a lua error that was preventing Greench mod from loading properly.


Trial of Valor:
  • Changed timer for Odyns blast (at end of draw power) to finish on cast FINISH of blast not cast begin of blast. Basically I added 3 seconds to the 30 second timer to include cast time of blast as a factor.
  • Changed info frame on guarm mythic to show generic magic school names for foams instead of the actual (and unnecessarily long) real spell names.
  • Changed yell options for licks to be off by default on guarm.
  • Changed icon Logic some more on guarm. Unfortunately did not have chance to test this yet but was forced to tag a release anyways do to spec fix. Hopefully it works!

5 man Dungeons:
  • Added antispam to some Court of Stars trash warnings so very large pulls feel less spammy in warnings.

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