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DBM 7.1.6 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Dec 15, 2016 10:00 pm

New Features:

  • DBM will now detect if a user has installed at least one voice pack, but hasn't activated one in "Spoken Alerts" to complete setup process. If detected, a chat message explaining this will be displayed.
  • Added a stats layout for dungeons that will have Heroic, Mythic, Mythic+ (CoS/Arcway for example in upcoming patch)

  • Work has begun on Guldan and Elisande updates. Unfortunately, it's likely neither one will be finished until first week of live. Testers did not see either one to completion

5 man Dungeons:
  • Added experimental auto marking for Ularoggs shell game
  • Court of Stars spy event helper should now be supported in Korean language
  • Added Fel Prison to Violet Hold Trash
  • Beauty and Beast mod in karazhan now has real timers instead of AI timers
  • Added option to auto mark ignite Soul on Nightbane
  • Added respawn timer for Nightbane

Broken Isles:
  • Finally replaced Calimir beta drycode with a more accurate mod including better timers/warnings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused infoframe lines setting "let mod decide" to not work correctly. It wasn't actually letting mod decide and instead returning to previous custom line setting.
  • Fixed a bug where DBM recorded all mythic+ best times as if all were equal. It was never supposed to do this and long ago I planned ahead for a system were it did greatest rank > best time. I just never got the api fixed/correct and then forgot about it until now. This is now fixed. What this means, if you defeat keystone 3 boss in 3 minutes. then defeat a keystone 2 boss in 2 minutes. Your "best" is still Rank 3 3 minute time. However, if you beat rank 4 with 4 minutes then your new "best" is rank 4 with time of 4 minutes. Then of course if you just get a better time on a rank you currently have it just improves time.

Trial of Valor:
  • Fixed a bug where yellow rune warning on mythic (branded not fixate) never fired.
  • Scrapped guarm lick timers for heroic/normal after all. There are variations and if he skips a cast the rest of timers are totally hosed. They weren't reliable. I'll re-evaluate Mythic later.

5 man Dungeons:
  • Fixed bug where Burning bones timer had wrong spellid so it was jacking up the charred earth timer as well as never showing a burning bones timer. This fixes two timers on nightbane.


  • Changed some stats that still said "Challenge" instead of "Mythic+" to read correctly as "Mythic+". Mists legacy stats will still say Challenge though. Unfortunately Warlords will say "Mythic+" too since those dungeons fall under same design as Legion. That's just a minor Caveat though.

Trial of Valor:
  • Changed the adds timer on odyn to specifically say Hyrja or Hymdall instead of the previously used generic encounter journal entry. This makes it more clear what timer is for. Also added a Damager icon to it to make timer feel more important as well.
  • Changed Infoframe on Odyn to have a max lines of 6, not 5, so that 5th fixate doesn't get cut off by the new "Protected" line on mythic only difficulty.
  • Changed voice pack warnings on Odyn from cardinal directions to raid icon calls to make it easier to understand where voice pack is trying to tell you to move to for runes.
  • Changed breath timers on Helya to be short text timers and added breath count to them.
  • Changed stormforged spear timer on odyn to be short text timer
  • Added counts to Hymdalls Horn and Hyrja's shield timers/warnings.

Emerald Nightmare
  • Disabled several timers by default for tanks on Xavius, so that tanks don't have an overwhelming number of timers by default for abilities that don't concern them.

5 man Dungeons:
  • Removed spammy Burning Blaze targetting warning/yell on Beauty and Beast event. It only needs a basic GTFO.

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