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DBM 7.1.2 Released

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:18 am
by MysticalOS
New Features:

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Added timer correction when horror is delayed by flowers on mythic (which is like 99% of time, however it is still super rare but possible to get horror before flowers if flowers doesn't come out on time)
  • Added spear of nightmares audio countdown.

Trial of Valor:
  • Significant updates to Odyn, guarm and helya. Most of which are things that changed since PTR testing. Including new/updated timers and warnings.

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Added nightbane warnings/timers in Karazhan
  • Added brackwater barrage warning to 5 man helya in Maw of Souls.
  • Added interrupt helper for Viza in Karazhan

World Bosses:
  • Sharthos updated with hard coded timers instead of AI timers.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed auto logger not working in trial of valor if “current content only” filter is enabled

Trial of Valor:
  • Fixed CID of some of bosses so health reports correctly.
  • Several invalid timers should now be fixed, do to the updated mods from live data

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Fixed a regression from last release that caused taunt warnings on ursoc not to automate correctly. They should once again be fully trustable.
  • Fixed defiled spirit warning/timer not working beyond pull timer on Dragons of Nightmare

5 man Dungeons:
  • Fix missing SPELL_AURA_APPLIED_DOSE in nightbane speed run timer. now it’ll work for stacks


  • Removed all of talkinghead disable code. Use Ketho’s HideTalkingHead instead which does a better job.
  • Pushed the 7.1 restriction reminder again. at least once a day someone is opening a ticket about radar/hud/arrow not working in instances.

Emerald Nightmare
  • DBM will now check debuff time on ilgyoth and warn to taunt earlier if it’ll fall off before next cast
  • Made the improved auto ichor icon behavior the new default on Ilgynoth. Can still be disabled to use old way of constantly moving icon around before previous icon died.