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DBM 7.1.1 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:36 am

New Features:

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Added an additional filter option for Ooze icons on Ilgynoth (untested but should work, just don't know if it'll work well. OFF BY DEFAULT)
  • Added audio countdown to eye beam on ilgynoth.

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Updated ALL encounters in karazhan with improved timers and warnings across board. Too many to list. just assume that even though this is a short change log, it has MANY updates. Literally MANY hours poured into this one day update.
  • Added timers for nightbane timed run (english only. Requires translated message :\)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where 3rd party mods (mostly treasure mods like draenor treasures) could cause severe fps drops in instances if they were attempting to access arrow api while 7.1 restrictions are in affect. Now DBM will force close arrow on entering an instance and block it from being reopened by these other mods. Hopefully this is enough.

Emerald Nightmare
  • Fixed bug that would cause Deathglare tentacles/warnings to mess up if dominator tentacles died slowly during ilgynoth enocunter.
  • Fixed Night horror timer which was too fast in all difficulties. It's uncommon for anyone to ever see two in a single phase so getting this data took a while of digging through must have been 50 public logs to find what new timer was.
  • Fixed bug on ilgynoth where corruptor tentacles spawn alerts would alway say spawn 1 instead of actually counting up.
  • Fixed icon option for oozes on ilgynoth to work correct again (although not as good as pre 7.1. May require some mousing over now. nameplate tokens can not be used for auto marking anymore)


Emerald Nightmare:
  • Changed infoframe on dragons to be simpler. Now if no one in raid has two debuffs, it'll say "all clear" instead of trying to spit out random unuseful information.

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