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DBM 7.0.12 Released (With Note)

Postby MysticalOS » Tue Oct 18, 2016 6:27 pm

New Features:
  • Added core option to disable quest progress in tooltips during boss fights (on by default). No more giant tooltips on Cenarius

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Added option to auto mark lowest health Ichor on Ilgynoth (restricted to mythic only, all other difficulties just aoe them down). Off by default.
  • Added dragon swap warning to dragons of nightmare
  • Added yell for infested mind to nyth
  • Added more mythic timeres to ilgynoth now that phase 2 is forced and I have more data on it.
  • Added stomp timer to cenarius
  • Added scorned touch timer to cenarius
  • Adds on cenarius will now have initial timers when they spawn
  • Added wisp icon marking (off by default) to cenarius
  • Added audio countdown for overwhelm to ursoc
  • Add general alert stack counter to overwhelm to ursoc
  • Add dark lightning GTFO to Nightmare trash

Trial of Valor:
  • Added Helya mod with full phase 1 support (unfortunately phase 2 and 3 are incomplete at this time)
  • Updated odyn timers with latest test data (phase 2 and 3 still incomplete as well :\)

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Added Arcane Reconstitution trash warning to arcway
  • Added charging station interrupt warning to Court of Stars
  • Added spy helper to court of stars
  • Added Searing Glare interrupt warning to court of stars
  • Added avalanche trash warning to Neltharian's Lair

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where Talking Head disable/restore didn't always restore it.
  • Added more redundancies to bar cancel for Mythic+ timer to try and ensure the thing gets canceled after a boss kill/wipe.
  • Fixed Ursoc to not give Miasma warnings if you aren't standing in it yourself (for real this time)
  • More updates for 7.1 compat do to changes to setpadding now requiring width AND hight in all calls.

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Fix Xavius mod so mind control yells don't appear for dreamed players who will not get mind controlled
  • Fixed voice alert for big add spawning on xavius
  • Fixed timer for nightmare infusion for phase 3 xavius
  • Fixed some tentacle timers on ilgynoth that were still a little off do to them being variable sequenced sometimes (sometimes first one is 5 seconds late, making second one 5 seconds early, etc etc).
  • Updated first Violent winds timer which was too fast. It seems to have been changed at some point since it's initial addition.
  • Fixed befoulment trash yell to actually say befoulment

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Fixed Melandrus timers in court of stars (I realize rest of instance still needs timer fixes. I'll try to get to them soon)

  • Improved icon code to reduce pointless calls to SetRaidTarget and avoid icon set throttling
  • Improved target scanning to use new 7.0 features.
  • DBM will no longer reply to whisper sync requests for timers, combat info, etc from players who are not in same group as you. An experienced coder could send fake request syncs to request fight info from users without them knowing about it and even if they had "status" whispers turned off. Note that these requests only ever got fight info (boss health, timers, etc), nothing more. None the less, it was a loop hole that could violate a guilds progression privacy. I don't know of any instances this was ever figured out or used, but now it can't be. :)
  • Added some debug code to try and track down why like 2 users mods won't load localizations correctly (can see no logical reason why)

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Antispam Exploding mushroom warning on dragons
  • Changed stack count to start warning earlier on cenarius
  • Refactored ursocs taunt logic a little more. It's pretty dang perfect now. It considers pretty much any situation and when it says to taunt, you taunt. if both tanks follow this you can't possibly mess up a single taunt. Heck many times you may not even get more than 1 stack of overwhelm if you follow the logic exactly. I had some mythic pulls where overwhelm only went to 1 stack for most of fight. it's not ALWAYS save to swap at 1 stack but the mod will tell you when it is. It monitors timers precisely. Debuffs, cooldowns etc and if it says to taunt boss (even though rend flesh is next and you still have overwhelm, DO IT. Mod already calculated that overwhelm will fade before rend flesh finishes). TLDR, just taunt when it says to and you'll be fine!
  • Changed range frame on cenarius to always show if sisters are up period, instead of only when player has debuff. It’ll continue to show if player has debuff when sisters die.

World Bosses:
  • Removed all warnings/timers for Jim. When he clones himself it just becomes a spammy mess and none of his abilities particularly needed warnings anyways.

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Change spellid used for crushing grip description so it’s more descriptive on Oakheart
  • Changed yell to say “throw” instead to be more clear that the yell is the throw target not the grip (tank) target on Oakheart.

Note from Developer
This release is much later than I would have liked. Some of the features or fixes such as cenarius should have been live week and a half ago at latest. However a lot of things came up that delayed these updates. Hurricane Matthew made me lose a week and a half. Pre storm prep and post storm power outages and damages. Even now still working on post storm stuff (still trying to get a roofer out to look at damages). On top of all this, trying to manage live raiding, mythic+, on top of PTR testing on blizzards terms, please bare with me as I get all caught back up. Losing one day is bad enough, losing over a week was brutal. Thanks for continuing to use and support DBM. As always, if you want to help, the biggest help is just to report issues or make requests. Sharing logs (especially https://wow.curseforge.com/addons/transcriptor/) is also infinitely helpful.

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