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DBM 7.0.11 Released

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2016 3:26 pm
by MysticalOS
New Features:
  • Now you can right click on info frame and customize max lines to your tastes (or continue letting mods decide)
Emerald Nightmare:
  • Added some trash warnings.
  • Added the 10 second Infested mind timer to Nythendra that a lot of users requested (I originally didn't include since it's always cast immediately after breath ends and figured one breath timer was enough.)
  • Add audio countdown to rot expiring on self to Nythendra
  • Add rot faded warning to rot fading on self to Nythendra
  • Added auto icon options to Web of Pain to renferal. star and circle on tanks and triangle and diamond on non tanks
  • Added arrow and Hud options to web of pain. Make sure you open mod to configure behavior how you like. It's very configurable.
  • Added countdown option for nightmare blast on Mythic Cenarius

Bug Fixes:
Emerald Nightmare:
  • Fix bug where Xavius mod said to taunt when you still had blackened
  • Fixed Ilgynoth mythic timers, especialy death blossom
  • More fixes to ursoc taunt logic
  • Fixed some Mythic ursoc Timers being inversed.
  • Fix a bug where Ilgynoth torpor countdown was short. Fixed a bug where dark recon timer was short on mythic
    Fixed bug where the volatile rot countdown option didn't actually do anything

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Changed Nythendra to only give stack warnings on mythic where it matters.
  • Changed default infoframe size for nythendra to 8.
  • Added more redundancy to the renferal winds checks to filter non tanks do to unconfirmed reports of them triggering for non tank targets (even though mod only uses tank spellid)