DBM 7.0.10 Released

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DBM 7.0.10 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:45 am

New Features:

  • Support for hiding objective frame in mythic+ re-added in same way it was done during warlords. When a boss fight starts DBM will hide the objectives frame but it will start a DBM timer that will continue to show remaining time for your mythic+ run. When fight ends it'll restore objective frame. This is done mainly because objective frame is often in way/blocking seeing important information during boss fights like boss timers. This is all tied to the option to hide objective frame in combat which can be disabled like always.
  • So simple, and so overdo. Special warnings will now show icons (if available), like their non special counterpart

Trial of Valor:
  • Improved Odyn raid mod from test data from early last week.

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Added Coup de Grace warning to BRH Trash

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Added more Ilgynoth timers for adds to cover even longer phases that miss a lot of explosions on eye.
  • Add personal stack warnings for xavius for tanks to track their own stacks better.
  • Add infoframe filter to xavius. By default players in the dream will now be filtered from corruption tracking so that info frame can focus on players with corruption that matters. This of course can be disabled if you want to still track the temporary corruption of those in the dream.
  • Added personal warnings for stacks on mythic Nyth
  • Add timers for all dragon breath for Dragons of Nightmare

Bug Fixes:

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Add some additional failsafes to ursok and fix a bug where overwhelm warnings would fail if stack went above 1 (and it usually does)
  • Fixed bug where unit name on rend flesh warning wasn't displayed.
  • Added player name redundancy to ursoc miasma do to reports of pets returning player GUID and warning players when their pets are standing in it.
  • Fixed spellid for Winds on Mythic Renferal so all those related warnings work again.
  • Fixed all timers for platform 2 mythic on Renferal
  • Fixed a bug where warnings/timers did not appear for big adds on phase one xavius
  • Fixed spamming lua error on mythic Nythendra (7.0.10)


  • Change default font size for special warnings to 40, down from 50. reset defaults for all users. You are, of course, are still welcome to resize back to 50 or whatever. However, this is in an effort to make the size more friendly with user space while supporting icons now

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Made debuff scanner a little slower on renferal to try and catch more cases where it might miss some players if debuffs didn't apply at exactly the same time. (This is the best mods can do really, while renferals debuffs continue to not show in combat log :\).
  • Changed nightmare brambles personal warning to say it's close to you instead of on you for the spawn. Also changed yell to also say "near" instead of "on"

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Odyn 5 man version will now use clearer icons in special warning on where to go (after all, the HUD/arrow feature won't be around forever)

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