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DBM 7.1.9 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:52 am

New Features:

  • Added new general target announce to bonds of fel to Guldan.
  • Added phase change announces to Guldan
  • Added missing timers for Flames of Sargeras to Guldan
  • Added Black harvest timer to guldan
  • Added auto icon option to Bonds of Fel on Guldan
  • Added icon marking for parasite mobs themselves, based into existing fetter icon setting on Telarn
  • Added tank swap taunt warning on Trilliax
  • Added Hand of Guldan timer to Guldan heroic+ phase 2
  • Added trash mod with several notable trash mob warnings.
  • Added icon marking to Aluriels Adds
  • Added infoframe for Frostbitten on Aluriel

Brawlers Guild:
  • Added support for several of the new bosses introduced in 7.1.5


  • DBM-Core will now force close range frame if it's in radar mode as you enter an instance with radar restrictions. This is to protect users from trying to force the unrestricted one outside then use it inside. That won't work and only results in errors.

  • Fix felflame warning firing for anyone standing in it instead of just you on Star Auger
  • Fixed phase detection for Gul'dan
  • Fixed several Gul'dan timers to be more accurate.
  • Fixed bug where Flames of Sargeras target announce said wrong spell name
  • Fixed tank warning on Alluriel to not tell you to taunt until annihilated is gone
  • Fixed Feast of blood warnings/timers since event no longer is in SPELL_CAST_START during Tichondrius
  • Fixed most Normal mode timers on Tichondrius to use new updated values that changed since normal was tested.
  • Fixed Some of the early normal mode timers for Chronomatic Anomaly. Pruned the rest of timers that were changed but haven't been updated yet.
  • Fixed Tank swap warnings on Krosus to no longer let stacks get too high.
  • Fix burning pitch timer not loading correct timer from table, causing pretty much all of them to be wrong except first on Krosus
  • Fixed several warnings and timers on Elisande that broke do to blizzard changing fight quite a bit, as well as pruning stuff from combat log.
  • Fixed Tel'arns timers which all changed on live from last months PTR testing.
  • Fixed bug where DBM arrow on krosus would send raid to it's death. Blizzard hotfixed ability to detect Krosus arms on Jan 19th after 7.1.8 was tagged. (New in 7.1.9)

Brawlers Guild
  • Moved several bosses into correct ranks/challenges groups that blizzard shuffled around.
  • Fixed bug where berserk timer could start (and restart repeatedly) if one of npcs jumps into arena and starts yelling like crazy.
  • Fixed bug where the position in queue so [...]

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DBM 7.1.10 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Fri Jan 20, 2017 6:24 am

New Features:

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Added base mods for everything current in dungeon journal. Only supports basic loading and combat detection for now. (WIP) Note: On live these mods will be hidden and not load. They require game TOC version of 70200 for DBM to load or a test build (test builds ignore toc requirement)

  • Added slightly more elisande timer data for phase 1.
  • Added cast bar to big adds aoe/look away on Star auger so it's easier to see when to look away without looking at them.
  • Added tank swap warnings to elisande phase 1
  • Many new trash warnings added (and more to come)
  • Added tank swap warnings to phase 2 Elisande
  • Added voice pack support to elemental warnings on Elisande
  • Added more Elisande timer data to burst in phase 3
  • Added warning for Hand of guldan spawn in phase 2 guldan

5 Man Dungeons
  • Added base mods for everything current in dungeon journal for Cathedral of Eternal Night. Only supports basic loading and combat detection for now. (WIP)

Bug Fixes:

  • Increase scan time on fetter icon to resolve it not auto setting icons on parasites (unconfirmed)
  • Fixed armageddon timer showing in LFR/Normal Aluriel
  • Fixed bug causing rings timers/warnings not to work on Elisande
  • Fixed phase 2 tank timer on elisande being 10 seconds slow
  • Fixed orb warning to actually say orb instead of beam on Elisande (this will also fix beam option being missing from boss options)
  • Fixed orb timer to not screw up and skip ahead (causing timers to be wrong/missing) on Elisande
  • Removed old (and now incorrect) berserk timer on elisande for now until new one can be figured out.
  • Removed old interrupt warning from elisande for a spell that is no longer interruptable on live.
  • Fixed/improved phase 1 heroic timers for Guldan
  • Fixed/improved phase 2 detection on guldan by using better events that aren't broken.
  • Fixed bug where voice pack sound for soul Vortex didn't play on guldan
  • Scrapped heroic timers for anomaly and returned to drawing board with new timers that aren't wrong (I wish they would stop changing.


  • Improved tank swap warnings on telarn to not let stacks get higher than needed
  • Changed Orb warning on Elisande to be on by default for dps and healers instead of just dps. Tanks still omitted for now because they have enough on their plate with keeping boss in correct spot and swapping/taking out explosions.

Because this update is so close to 7.1.9, if you are updating from two versions old you may want to view those complete change lo [...]

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DBM 7.1.11 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Mon Jan 23, 2017 5:40 am

New Features:

  • Added another taunt warning on cast START for bonds of fel for Gul'dan
  • Added a taunt warning for flames of sargeras if it’s on a tank for Gul'dan
  • All eye warnings/timers now have count in them for Gul'dan
  • Added timer rule for 7th phase 2 eye on Gul'dan
  • Update timers for Normal/LFR Tel'arn Nerfs (I don't consider this a bugfix since they were correct before, but changed by hotfix. :P )

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that'd cause icon setting on mobs to fail if they do not yet have valid unitIds at time dbm tries to set icons.

  • Guldan will now report correct health percentage on wipes instead of unknown.
  • Fixed faster phase 2 detection on Gul'dan
  • scraped soul vortex timer for now on Gul'dan. mob almost never casts it. When it does, it’s never at same time.
  • Fixed all the warnings/timers for mythic chronomatic Anomaly with live realm data since literally NONE of beta's data was correct anymore.
  • Fixed Aluriel Mythic timers which had some subtle changes from mythic beta testing.
  • Possibly Fixed time bomb countdowns/yells having wrong number when speeds change (Still needs testing)
  • Fixed one voice pack warning for big add in final phase of Star Auger to say “big add” not “kill big add” to be more clear it’s not an add you kill
  • Fixed bug where Trilliax health was not reported in status whispers or on wipes.


  • Updated code throughout Tel'arn to be easier to manage/hotfix in future. MUCH cleaner.
  • Added further throttling to fulminate warnings.

See Also, 7.1.10 changelog for more recent changes:

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DBM 7.1.12 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Jan 25, 2017 9:26 pm

New Features:

  • Added new trash warnings for oozing rush, fel glare, toxic chit, infinite abyss, and poison brambles
  • Added more timer data to Gul'dan phase 3 (non mythic)
  • Added warning to switch to Tilliax imprints spawn, including what type it is
  • Toxic Slice cast by Trilliax imprint will now have a cast announce and it's own timer
  • Added another 40 seconds worth of timers to krosus mythic. Mods pretty much complete up to berserk now
  • Added even more timer data to Guldan phase 2s that are excessively long
  • Added more backup detections for the missing from combat log orb spawns in phase 3 elisande so mod is less reliant on scheduling, when localized
  • Added Mythic Aluriel berserk timer
  • Added knockback alert to decimate for whoever is currently threat target for Fel Soul on Mythic Aluriel
  • Added timers for decimate on Mythic Aluriel
  • Add marking of players affected by searing brand 3 seconds before detonate is cast, so users can quickly get to assigned marks if needed depending on strat.
  • Added timer for first orbs of phase 3 Mythic Tel'arn in naturalist > arcanist > solarist strat. No changes to rest of timers, they were already perfect.
  • Added yells to fel injection on Star Auger

5 man Dungeons:
  • Added Unstable Mana warning to Vandros

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a possible lua error if user tries to open HUD test inside an instance

  • Updated Elisande timers for normal/lfr which blizzard changed a bit do to removal of echoes on these difficulties. Removed the echo timers as well.
  • Fixed tichondrius normal timers with more changes to normal to slow speed of fight (this change may have actually happened last week but I missed it).
  • Fixed a bug where some time release timers on mythic anomaly conflicted with one another and didn't display properly
  • Fixed a bug where tank explosion would continue counting down on phase change during Elisande
  • Fixed a bug where tank would be told to taunt for bonds of fel, when you ARE the tank targetted by bonds of fel (caused by a weird threat refresh bug on phase 2 transition)
  • Fixed conjunction timers for Mythic Star Auger
  • Fixed some mythic fel ejection/icy injection timers, which are slightly altered by grand conjunction
  • Fixed tanking timers for annihilate on mythic Aluriel


  • Removed Overwhelming Power Interrupt warning for Chronomatic anomaly for two reasons. It rarely worked, and it didn't fit in line with most strats that don't necessary want to interrupt right away. This warning has been repl [...]

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DBM 7.1.13 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:43 pm

New Features:

  • DBM-Core will now warn when you have installed modules that are disabled. This is to help reduce number of issues players have where x zone doesn't work because it's disabled.
  • DBM-Core has a new nameplate aura feature. This feature adds large spell icons above nameplates (friendly or hostile) when deployed by a boss mod. This is a very fancy and automated aura tracker basically to make seeing debuff/buffs on targets MUCH easier.
    How it works: If you are using a nameplate mod that supports it such as KuiNameplates, DBM will simply tell KUI how to handle it and it'll do everything, including hiding/showing friendly nameplates. Configuration for that will all be through nameplate mod.
    If you are using a nameplate mod (or base nameplates) that does not support DBM passing it on, DBM activates internal code instead. DBMs internal code does NOT auto toggle nameplates and requires friendly nameplates be enabled before hand, or it won't do anything.
    As for style/theme of your nameplates, that's up to you to configure through your nameplates settings to ensure friendly nameplates aren't a mess or in the way. I recommend text only style with click through enabled for friendly units if available within your nameplate mod for friendly npcs/players.
    All mods that support feature have it ON by default, however if you want to opt out completely there is a global disable in dbm options under global disables/filters. Enable this global disable and the feature is universally shut off for all current and future mods.
    Note: This feature adds new file, reloadui will not cut it with this update or you may encounter errors. This feature is also very much WIP and could have bugs on either DBMs end or Nameplate mods end. Bare with us on integration. Please report any bugs you encounter.

  • Added another yell option for Star Auger for Fel ejection for debuff application as well, so now ability has two yell options (applied, and fading)
  • Improved infoframe for Star auger mythic to provide list of players with same star sign if you have debuff. if you do not have debuff it will still fall back to old overview frame with 4 signs and total counts.
  • Added much longer timer data for void phase on Mythic Star Auger
  • Added defensive warning for Arcane Slash on Triliax
  • Added audio countdown option for arcane slash timer on triliax
  • Added a power overwhelming counter announce to Chronomatic Anomaly to better track stacks
  • Added a puddle counter to Fel Ejection on Sta [...]