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DBM 7.0.4 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:57 pm

Key: Blue: Noteworthy, Purple: Major

New Features
5 Man Dungeons:
  1. Added timers/warnings/countdown for Helya’s breath
  2. Added timer/warnings for Helya's Torrent.
  3. Added audio countdown to Dagrul's Magma Wave
  4. Added audio countdown for Hyrja's shield of light.
  5. Added new warning for when an add Spawns on Odyn
  6. Added interrupt warning dark mending on BRH trash
  7. Added interrupt warning to Parjesh for restoration
  8. Added Creeping Doom warnings to Cordana
  9. Added warning for Undertow in Eye of Azshara trash module.
  10. Added audio countdown for Tank throw on Oakheart
  11. Added Eye spawn timers to Tormentium
  12. Added warning to face eyes when they are channeling to Tormentium

Bug Fixes
5 Man Dungeons:
  1. Fixed a bug where first Hyrja special timer was too long.
  2. Fixed a bug were Dagrul's Magma Wave warning/timers wouldn't always show.
  3. Fixed a bug where Hymdall Axe would warn wrong target. Blizzard seems to have broken mod ability to detect this target now so mod will no longer announce any target for this spell.
  4. Fixed Stance of mountain timer for Ularogg which broke when blizzard hotfixed him to start with a higher energy amount.
  5. Fixed toxic Wound timer on Serpentrix
  6. Fixed a bug where Cordana's vanish phase end would not be detected and update timers accordingly.
  7. Fixed Leap CD for Glaidalas
  8. Fixed bug where Glazers energize phase would not be detected properly
  9. Fixed a bug where Tormentium mod still told you to interrupt Soul tap on Mythic and Mythic plus difficulty. Instead, now mod will tell you to stop casting.
  10. Also fixed bug where timer was too slow on mythic difficulty for Tormentium's Soul tap.

  1. DBMs cinematic filter will no longer filter ANY cinematics in scenarios, period.
  2. DBM will now allow tanks to send pull timers in LFG whether they are leader or not. This restriction is lifted only in LFG because it’s only place you can NOT change/spoof your roll. In other difficulties someone can just right click name and say they are a tank to still abuse it so for none LFG restriction still stands.
5 Man Dungeons:
  1. Odyn HUD now on by default to get max use while it still works.
  2. Refactored Tempest code on Odyn to try and more accurately predict the timers (the fight has SEVERAL variations and there is no way to know which variation is correct right away on pull)

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DBM 7.0.5 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:44 pm

Key: Blue: Noteworthy, Purple: Major

New Features
Trial of Valor:
  1. Added mod for Odyn (full drycode right now but lays groundwork for later)
  2. Added mod for Guarm (also full drycode)

Emerald Nightmare:
  1. Added new infoframe Option to Illygoth to show fixated targets instead of add counts. The add count info frame is still available in options via a dropdown selection to choose which info frame is used. Fixate one is the new default

5 Man Dungeons:
  1. Added mod for shivermaw
  2. Added mod for Princess Thalena
  3. Added mods for Return to karazhan (no warnings/timers yet but basic combat detection should work already)

Bug Fixes
5 Man Dungeons:
  1. Fixed a bug where Wardens trash mod didn't load nor was it localized properly
  2. Fixed a bug that caused lua errors with some icon methods used on some 5 man bosses such as Illysanna Ravencrest.
  3. Fixed a lua error on last boss of Court of Stars.
  4. Fixed a bug where some Court of Stars trash/boss warnings told users to interrupt spells that blizzard changed at last minute to no longer be interruptible (At least i'm not only one with this bug, blizzard's own encounter journal has it too ;) ).
  5. Fixed a bug where Spider boss in Arcway would warn wrong spell name for GTFO warning.

  1. Cleaned up some old code where DBM might reposition Blizzard raid warning frame even though dbm hasn't used this frame for warnings in years
  2. Changed size of slider for timer bar width to make it much easier to resize it in smaller increments
  3. Removed option that allows dbm to fake dbm warnings as raid warnings. It wasn't a very used option and I wasn't fond of the hack.
  4. A bit more 7.1 refactoring to ensure DBM works smoothly on live and 7.1 with same version of mod. Automatically adhering to restrictions if they are detected.

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DBM 7.0.6 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Sep 21, 2016 8:44 pm

[*] Add GTFO for Burst on Nythendra

[*] Dark recon audio countdown now starts counting down from 10, up from 4
[*] Final Torpor timer is now 90 seconds
[*] Fixate infoframe should work correctly now and setting honored. Remember, you can still use minions frame if you want by changing the drop down in options.
[*] Fixed bug where Mind Flay Interrupt warning was on by default for everyone instead of just appropriate classes/specs
[*] Added marking of spew targets. This is off by default and needs to be enabled if desired. Will conflict with BW Deathglare marking.
[*] Changed spew target warning behavior to not warn as early as before. target scanning works but having people start running around several seconds early is overkill. Now DBM will tell users to start moving only when cast finishes/debuff goes out. HOWEVER I added a new pre warning that WILL warn you that you'll get debuff soon so to be ready for it at least (pre warning is not special warning)

[*] Fixed Miasma GTFO so it works correctly
[*] Made rend flesh warnings a little smarter for appropriate tank swaps.
[*] Added a global option to disable all the auto soaker assignment features with a single checkbox. By default the global disable is enabled (so if you want soaker features turn it off)
[*] Lua error for Focused gaze should be fixed. (EDIT, not completely fixed, comes back if re-enable the soaker stuff. will be fixed for real next release)
[*] Icon/warnings for Focused gaze should work correctly again (was related to lua error)

I wanted to push these fixes out asap with a minor release. There is still more work being done so expect another release in next day or two with the rest. However, I don't want to make users wait for first half of them.

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DBM 7.0.7 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:30 am

New Features

Emerald Nightare:
  • Added Tormenting Swipe announce/timer to Xavius
  • Added deathglare and corruptor announces and timers to Illygoth
  • Added warnings for dream buff on xavius. If tank or healer spec, it shows all healers or all tanks that got buff when it went out. If a dps, it just tells you whether or not YOU got it.
  • Added tank taunt warnings for all swaps on Xavius, including special consideration for 3 tank strat
  • Added web of pain announces for non tanks on Renferal

Bug Fixes
  • Possibly fixed a bug where player name would show multiple times on Infoframe if "always show player" was enabled.
Emerald Nightmare:
  • Fixed timer for Twisted sisters on Cenarius which was too fast. It was changed from 12 to 15 to allow each sister only one interruptor.
  • Fixed a bug where it told you to taunt for spear on cenarius even if YOU were the person who just took the spear.
  • Fixed a bug where combat start timers/countdowns would not start on Nythendra and instead would think she's going straight into bug phase. On beta there was a bug where she'd do this sometimes so DBM checked boss energy on pull to determine if she was going to bug out or not. This code was obsolete and broken and sometimes triggering so it was completely removed since it appears that bug was fixed by encounter team before that fight made live anyways.
  • Fixed a bug where Nythendra warned the beta mod was incomplete. This was a message that should have been removed earlier.
  • Fixed bug where Nythendra's berserk timer was too long on heroic. She has different berserk for normal and heroic.
  • Fixed lua error on Ursoc if you use DBMs soaker features (for real this time).
  • Fixed a bug where mod revision wasn't properly set on cenarius and as a result was warning users their cenarius mod was out of date even when it wasn't.
  • Fixed dispel voice pack warning from playing for people who don't actually have a dispel on Cenarius.
  • Fixed a bug where the brambles SPAWN target was not actually giving target name to anyone other than actual target (everyone else it was saying brambles was on cenarius). It'll now give correct SPAWN target. I need to emphasize again that the SPAWN target is not the FIXATED target. FIXATED target cannot be detected by mods per blizzards extra efforts to block us. DBM warns where it spawns, you move away from that spot then use your eyes to see who it's following. That's blizzards design intent.
  • Fixed a bug where Shadows (tornado) debuff on Renferal was not warning players [...]

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DBM 7.0.10 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:45 am

New Features:

  • Support for hiding objective frame in mythic+ re-added in same way it was done during warlords. When a boss fight starts DBM will hide the objectives frame but it will start a DBM timer that will continue to show remaining time for your mythic+ run. When fight ends it'll restore objective frame. This is done mainly because objective frame is often in way/blocking seeing important information during boss fights like boss timers. This is all tied to the option to hide objective frame in combat which can be disabled like always.
  • So simple, and so overdo. Special warnings will now show icons (if available), like their non special counterpart

Trial of Valor:
  • Improved Odyn raid mod from test data from early last week.

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Added Coup de Grace warning to BRH Trash

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Added more Ilgynoth timers for adds to cover even longer phases that miss a lot of explosions on eye.
  • Add personal stack warnings for xavius for tanks to track their own stacks better.
  • Add infoframe filter to xavius. By default players in the dream will now be filtered from corruption tracking so that info frame can focus on players with corruption that matters. This of course can be disabled if you want to still track the temporary corruption of those in the dream.
  • Added personal warnings for stacks on mythic Nyth
  • Add timers for all dragon breath for Dragons of Nightmare

Bug Fixes:

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Add some additional failsafes to ursok and fix a bug where overwhelm warnings would fail if stack went above 1 (and it usually does)
  • Fixed bug where unit name on rend flesh warning wasn't displayed.
  • Added player name redundancy to ursoc miasma do to reports of pets returning player GUID and warning players when their pets are standing in it.
  • Fixed spellid for Winds on Mythic Renferal so all those related warnings work again.
  • Fixed all timers for platform 2 mythic on Renferal
  • Fixed a bug where warnings/timers did not appear for big adds on phase one xavius
  • Fixed spamming lua error on mythic Nythendra (7.0.10)


  • Change default font size for special warnings to 40, down from 50. reset defaults for all users. You are, of course, are still welcome to resize back to 50 or whatever. However, this is in an effort to make the size more friendly with user space while supporting icons now

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Made debuff scanner a little slower on renferal to try and catch more cases where it might miss some players if debuffs didn't apply at exact [...]