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DBM 7.0.2 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Aug 11, 2016 5:28 pm

Key: Blue: Noteworthy, Purple: Major

Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed a bug that caused DBM to think every minor version was a major patch version. After this version you should no longer get disable notices because it thinks it's 7.0 pre patch launch over and over again. Really sorry about this bug, it was something that couldn't be tested real well in beta.
  2. Minor Text Fixes
  1. DBMs cinematic filter will no longer filter Broken Shore cut scenes, regardless of user settings. For more Information visit here.
  2. Removed Checkbox to disable DBM from options. It didn't make much sense for there to be a way to turn dbm on and off within dbm itself when you can just enable/disable the addon. This just lead to more customer service issues with users trying to diagnose why their mods aren't working when DBM was enabled.
  3. DBM will now show a chat message when it skips a Cinematic.
  4. Cleaned up ENCOUNTER_END code to remove no longer needed hacks for old instances where it was buggy. 7.0 fixed those bugs.
  1. Updates to several encounters from normal and LFR testing this past two weeks. For a complete list you can just check svn logs.
World Events:
  1. Added a Demonic Invasions mod to significantly help with some of the encounters and abilities.

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DBM and Patch 7.1 (and later)

Postby MysticalOS » Sun Aug 21, 2016 6:19 am

Blizzard made a decision to break UnitPosition in dungeons and raids in patch 7.1 ( ... 846?page=1).
As a result of these changes, the follow DBM features are now limited:
  • DBM Arrow
  • DBM Radar/**Text Range Frame
  • DBM Hudmap
  • Position based warning filters (are you on mogu side or mantid? Boat or platform?)
  • **Nearby Warnings (bad thing on playerName near you)

**These features still semi work in instances at least for now using item/spell checks. Likely will be broken further in future.

Arrow and Hudmap are missed at high end but won't affect most average raiders (Also where I put majority of my effort for mythic raid mods). The radar being broken is going to affect everyone and make simple things like spreading out properly require a lot more annoyance. It'll be like the days of Gruul in BC where the only range finder DBM could give you was a text based one that was fixed to limited ranges using interact/item/spell distances.

Blizzard seems to want that BC raiding style back. It's their game so it's their wishes. I merely need to mention I'm did not strip these features from DBM because I want to. It is not a bug when things that worked prior to 7.1 do not work now. I did not prune all the features that worked prior to 7.1 because I want them to still be there in the VERY remote chance blizzard changes mind one day.

It is a real shame they knew about this in advance and decided not to share it sooner. Many countless hours were put into the above features for Legion. I went above and beyond with arrows and hudmap for Nightmare, Nighthold and Mythic dungeons. I'm glad people got to see some of the dungeon/nightmare stuff at least before gutted.

Nighthold was especially bad because spread ranges weren't always clear and space wasn't always great and visuals were generally poor (purple on purple). Lets see what blizzard does to rectify these issues going forward.

Minor Text Fixes

It's live now and wanted to update some information.
*Removed my ideas from thread. Too late, and blizzard was dead set on their way.
*Added link with detailed api breakage
*Added Note about range finder and some "nearby" warnings still working (for now)