DBM 7.1.5 Released

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DBM 7.1.5 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:06 pm

New Features:
  • DBM will now show the time (server) that break is going to end in a break timer message as well as the time it has ended when it ended.

  • Added 13th Annihilate to the timer table for Aluriel

Trial of Valor
  • Added Foam yells to Mythic Guarm.
  • Added generic lick timer to Guarm Mythic, Heroic, and Normal. What lick is chosen is still random.
  • Added warnings for Phase 1/2 branded debuffs for players NOT affected by add fixates to mythic Odyn.
  • Infoframe on mythic odyn should now show whether you are protected or not during draw power and the info frame should no longer close until draw power ends, even if all adds are dead (on non mythic it'll still close when last add dies).
  • Helya should now show warning with how many tentacles are remaining during phase 2.

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Added a run away warning to Spear of nightmares for melee dps on Mythic difficulty cenarius. Warning will not fire for non mythic. This urgent warning should help melee be more aware of spear cast so they aren't wiping the raid.
  • Added warning for Dreaming on mythic xavius with count to help keep track of what groups turn it is. Also has voice pack warning that even more specific calls out which group number should run into circles

Broken Isles
  • Updated timers for Na'zak the Fiend

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a regression where break timer recovery on logout/reloadui was less reliable.
  • Fixed bug where several "stack" warnings across several encounters had wrong or no sound on warning and voice pack filter said sound if it was working and a voice pack was installed.

  • Fixed one timer on Trilliax that changed since last heroic test (changed by like 3 seconds)
  • Updated heroic Chronomatic Anomaly data with 5 minutes of new heroic data. More data still needed for pulls longer than 5 minutes. Longer transcriptor logs needed (combatlog/WCL in this case are completely useless since blizzard chose to hide the speed/phase changes from them). This fixes incorrect timers on heroic mode at least. the other 3 difficulties likely have changes too and very likely still incorrect until they are also retested (or hit live if not retested).
  • Fixed a bug where several tichondrius timers would be slightly off in later phases (Normal timers still probably off)
  • Fixed a bug where two audio countdowns didn't work on tichondrius
  • Fixed a couple minor timer variations on Telarn

Trial of Valor
  • Fixed lua error on canceling mist infusion cast on Mythic Helya
  • Fixed hymdalls start timers being too long in phase 2 when he jumps down.
  • Fixed phase 3 orb icons on helya for Dec 6th hotfixes.
  • Fixed bug where fetid Rot timer didn't cancel on Grimelord death during Helya encounter.
  • Fixed bug where tentacle strike timers on Helya stoped working during Week of Dec 12 do to removal of an event (which happened to be one dbm was using)

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Fixed stomp warning not firing on mythic cenarius. Fixed timer for second set of stomps (3/4) not starting as well (same cause, diff spellId for mythic that I overlooked)
  • Fixed scorned touch and touch of life timers so they are not 1 second too long on mythic cenarius.
  • Fixed a bug where the beast of nightmare warnings/timers never showed on mythic cenarius.


  • DBM wil now strip titles off boss names in respawn timer (basically anything after a , in boss name is stripped, like boss options already do).
  • Improved consistency across all Broken Isles zones to have more timer headers in boss mod options for easier reading/navigation.
  • Improved consistency across all Broken isles zones to have better inline icons within timers across all boss fights.
  • Removed blizzard countdown numbers from break timer do to bugs with their code since 7.x that cause it to desync when using a scheduler. Also simplified break timer code overall to make it cleaner.

  • Disabled Void Ejection timer on Star Auger (it doesn't exist anymore?)

Trial of Valor
  • Guarm icon option will no longer try to set icon on a target that already has foam debuff (ie got more than 1 of them). Mod will also not remove icon unless target has no foam debuffs remaining, so it doesn't remove icon if 1/2 expires.

Emerald Nightmare:
  • Changed spear of nightmares countdown and timer to now be ON by default for melee dps instead of just tanks/healers.

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Shortened yell text on vizaduum in karazhan.
  • Refactored Court of stars trash mod to support localizing spy event. Now localizers can begin work on supporting spy event in non english languages. Currently it should be mostly working in korean and german now but not as perfect as english. No other language support is submitted yet