DBM 7.1.4 Released

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DBM 7.1.4 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sat Nov 26, 2016 11:30 pm

New Features:

  • Respawn timers should now include boss name (some non english languages may be worded funny though, didn't have time to get proper translations)

Trial of Valor:
  • Added optional off by default yells to the other 2 licks on guarm. I still think they are pointless but having the option never hurts anything!
  • Fury of maw timer should now update if infusion isn't interrupted on mythic helya
  • Infusion cast bar should now cancel when it was interrupted on mythic helya. Nevermind, now you'll get a lua error when interrupting infusion. Fixed in alpha.
  • Added phase 2 and phase 3 announces to Helya.
  • Added phase 3 announce to Odyn.
  • Added LFR berserk timer to guarm.

Bug Fixes:

Trial of Valor:
  • Fix infoframe bug on guarm where it only showed two of 3 debuffs (showed one of them twice)
  • Fixed foam warnings on guarm so they also fire for JUMPed debuffs as well (jumped foams had different spellid)
  • Fixed fury of maw phase 3 mythic timer. Accidentally pasted phase 2 mythic timer into phase 3 somehow.
  • Fixed phase 3 taint of sea timers not showing, the unit event doesn’t show in phase 3.
  • Fixed bug where orb text would always say Ranged on helya.
  • Fixed a bug where phase 3 detection on helya would not work if any big adds were still alive when phase 3 started. This caused all sorts of issues with timers in phase 3 (especially orbs) and should resolve any issues you might have seen in phase 3.


  • Mythic+ and 2/3 Chest timers have been removed. Despite many efforts, they were just too buggy with way they were added and fixing them would require a lot of dirty work that'd effectively be another mod entirely, which at this point that mod already exists so I figured best to scrap them. Install https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/mythicplustimer or similar mod for these features.

Trial of Valor
  • Improved tentacle strike code on Helya so warning is slightly faster and less antispam is needed.