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DBM 8.0.10 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:52 pm

New Features:

  • Add KeepMove and StopMove special warnings that can improve clarity of these types of mechanics
  • Added some new wipe sounds, curtesy of Bwonsamdi

  • Added a pre warning that eye beam is soon, 5 seconds before eye beams start going out.
  • Added an auto range checker to zekvoz that will auto open 6 seconds before first eye beam, and auto close after 3rd eye beam has finished casting.
  • Preliminary Mythic Mythrax updates from public logs.
  • Finished Vectis infoframe update and enabled it. Should now include vector targets, icons, time remaining in addition to lingering stacks. Remember, lingering is sorted based on Option in vectis mod as well to sort either highest to lowest, or lowest to highest. Currently, the thought process in mind is default is now lowest so you can see who currently has omega debuff and who best candidates are to take it next all within same frame. However, if you are using a weak aura such as reloe's to do group based assignments, you may want to go use highest to lowest sort method instead so that info frame serves a different purpose and isn't redundant with weak aura.
  • In addition, if you aren't using a Weak aura for group based tracking of lingering, DBM has that covered too if you want!. Go into Vectis options an enable the party only option at the bottom.
  • Added a new boss mod scanner on engage for Vectis that will determine if there are any BW users in raid with assist in raid on pull and if there are, will locally disable all icon setting from DBM during encounter to ensure regardless of raid comps boss mod setup, only one mod will be setting icons on Omega Vector. DBM will then sync up yells and personal warnings to the icons set by BW. If no BW assists are in raid, DBM will perform it's own icons per normal.
  • Added new optional special warning (with count) that is OFF by default, for contagion on Vectis. If you enable this, the regular warning for it will be squelched automatically. Intent with the optional warning is if you want to use it to help with raid cooldown assignments like using DBMs notes feature.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bonus roll filter so it doesn’t INCLUDE the difficulty you have it to set to (mythic filter was filtering mythic raids, heroic filter was filtering heroic raids, normal filter was filtering normal raids. filter is meant to filter BELOW your setting, not everything including setting)

  • Fixed a bug where all the Roiling casts said 0 count in yells/warnings
  • Fixed berserk timer on [...]

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DBM Status Update

Postby MysticalOS » Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:22 am

For health and stress reasons, as well as just having a plain crappy PC, I will be stepping down from the Mythic raiding scene in WoW. I have been raiding in wow since Burning Crusade and been making mods for DBM since Wrath (almost entirely by myself mind you).

In Mists I was able to switch to doing it full time and greatly improve the quality and feature of mods as well as pace that mods are released for content. Even now, as I write this, DBM has exceptional mods ready to go for mythic+ dungeons and mythic Uldir up through 8/8, with mythrax and ghuun having as best support possible with limited pull data and datamining available. I continue to monitor progression race and scrap through WCL data as it becomes available to update these mods and better support for final 3 will follow as these bosses are downed and data/information for them becomes public. Despite me stepping back from raiding, I do not expect this to change!. After all, Guild I'm in now is only 2/8 (and I was even sat for both of them), doesn't stop me from watching streams, gathering feedback, looking at other peoples logs and producing great mods. Don't take this post as "oh no, DBM is dead". DBM is very much alive!

However, I'm going to be real here. I don't just work on DBM full time. It's all I do period. I have no life, no friends, no time to really do anything else at all. It's not just coding mods here or getting to play the game for money. It's not as peaches as it sounds. It's committing to every ptr/beta even when I have a raid character to maintain on live and raids to go to later that night. It's grinding dungeons, artifact power, world quests, gathering mats, leveling blacksmithing so I can craft even more raid gear, etc. Many hours, EVERY DAY. If there is no ptr/beta, there is always something to catch up on or do. Even then, sometimes something has to give. PVP mods got axed for recently. It's not even just the code refactoring that 8.0 would need (although that's huge reason), it's "where the hell am I going to find time to spam run BGs to make sure these things even work?".

In addition, I'm still a caretaker for another human being too. My 70 year old disabled mother needs my help a lot too. I have to step away from computer a lot to help her do something she can't do on own. Do errands or do chores. In fact, since bfa has launched I've been so buried that my grass is now over 2 feet tall. :\

I'll be honest, I've become so overwhelmingly stressed w [...]

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DBM 8.0.9 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:56 pm

New Features

  • New bonus roll filter with 4 different configuration options (that is OFF by default). Allows DBM to auto hide bonus roll for content difficulty you don't wish to accidentally waste bonus rolls on. In event you accidentally suppress a bonus roll you didn't want to auto pass on, DBM even supports a slash to unhide bonus roll (because DBMs code does NOT auto decline anything, it literally just hides the box and lets it time out in background unless you want to see it)

  • Added Mother's Respawn timer
  • Added deathwish general announce/counter to assist with CDs on Zul, Also added count to timers
  • Added an Orb Lands timer to Zek'voz to assist with ball catching
  • Added Uldir trash Warning to watch step for Wild Leap

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a regression that caused normal mode P3 ghuun timers to be wrong after updating them for heroic. the timers between two modes are NOT The same. Now mod will use correct timers in both modes.
  • Fixed Uldir trash warning for Blood Shield so it actually works
  • Updated/Fixed Warnings/Timers for Mythic Taloc
  • Updated/Fixed Warnings/Timers for Mythic Mother
  • Updated/Fixed Warnings/Timers for Mythic & LFR Zek'voz
  • Improved upon infoframe for vectis to also show omega targets above lingering ones (currently in testing and only available in DebugMode)

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Reworked Council of Tribes so it doesn’t warn to dispel until earthward totem is dead in Kings Rest


  • Contageon counter will no longer reset on Vectis, it’s useful for healing cds to keep count going on Vectis
  • Changed Oblivion sphere from a bad switch warning that was confusing ranged dps to a useful general count warning for CD usage and more raid awareness
  • Changed ball catch target announces to be a non filtered warning and added count to it on Zek'voz
  • *Changed back to a table icon method for vectis and improved upon it.

World Bosses:
  • Interrupt warning for Engineers on Arathi world boss will no longer filter target based on target/focus. Now, if you have an interrupt and it's NOT on cooldown, dbm will spam you to interrupt engineers.
  • Make the switch warnings on doom’s howl/Lion’s roar more clear that engineer is priority

Dev Note:
*My original Vectis icon method was a table method that considered ahead of time that debuff jumps should use same icon. The BW original method was simply assigning icons 1-3(4) in a loop. I changed DBM for sake of compatibility in 8.0.8 to also just loop through icons when a guild on stream progressing o [...]

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DBM 8.0.8 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Sep 05, 2018 5:27 am

New Features:

  • Added an auto range 5 to Mythrax that opens on engage
  • Added an optional (off by default) taunt warning for Dark Bargain on Ghuun. Reason it's off by default, you can just dodge 2nd cast without a taunt swap, but none the less some might want OPTION to have a taunt swap warning instead.
  • Added option to auto mark oozes on MOTHER encounter
  • Added new general announce with count for when Dark Revelations is cast on zul to assist with throughput raid CDs.
  • Added new dropdown to zul that lets tanks control tank swap behavior. Options are: 2 stacks heroic/Mythic 3 stacks normal/lfr (default), always 2 stacks, always 3 stacks
  • Added a DBM announced (with count) for matrix core spawning on Ghuun.
  • Added a DBM announce with matrix core is DROPPED on Ghuun (no it doesn't call anyone out, since DBM doesn't know if it's throwers or catchers fault)
  • Made explosive corruption personal warning faster for tanks on ghuun (sadly, trick won't work for non tanks, sorry)
  • Updated all timers on mother to account for ICD that flames, winds (6), and strike (5) trigger. Updated laser timers to reflect their TRUE timers (when not delayed by ICD of other 3 abilities)
  • Added trash warning for Dead Tank, err, Crushing Darkness ;)
  • Added a "Current/Next Matrix: Count" to ghuun overview info frame
  • Added Immunosuppression announce and timer with counter to Vectis. In addition, supports multiple adds at once in case group is doing really bad.
  • Some additional work on mythic was added to Mother, Vectis, and Zek
  • Added warning to G'huun for Virulent Corruption (orbs spawning from Explosive Corruption) to make it more clear to watch for something to dodge (antispam throttle set to 7.5 seconds to reduce spam from spread disasters)
  • Added audio countdowns to G'huun for Explosive Corruption (cast), Blood feast, Malignant Growth, and gaze of ghuun
  • Added timer for Mind Numbing Chatter to Ghuun

5 man Dungeons:
  • Added Summon Spirit Drain Totem warning to Underrot trash mod
  • Added Poison Barrage warning/yells to Kings Rest trash mod

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Uldir Defense Beam timers on Mother for normal, which doesn't have top down beams and instead has side beams that are cast more often.
  • Fixed a bug on Zul where the tanks did not do countdown yells or get a "run to edge" warning with 5 seconds left on debuff, if they took less than 3 stacks.
  • Fixed bug where the Pool of Darkness timer was too slow in Stage 2 zul, it's cast twice as often in Stage 2
  • Fixed Explosive Corr [...]

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DBM 8.0.6 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Aug 29, 2018 7:11 pm

New Features:


5 Man Dungeons:
  • Added about 18 new trash warnings to Shrine of the Storms
  • Added 16 new trash warnings to Temple of Sethraliss
  • Added 2 new trash warnings to Kings Rest
  • Added 11 new trash warnings to Tol Dagor
  • Improved Lockwoods timers in Siege of Boralus
  • Added Snake Charm to Avatar of Sethraliss encounter in Temple of Sethraliss

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed MM hunters being included in Enrage dispel category. Option defaults for all bfa enrage warnings have been reset, with MM hunters being excluded.
  • Fixed raid auto logger so it treats Uldir as current content and not Legion Raids

5 Man Dungeons:
  • Fixed lua errors with UnitCanAttack usage on Council of Tribes in kings rest. This will also correct a few timers not showing.
  • Fixed a spamming warning for horde version of Siege of Boralus. On alliance side the adds warning only fires when actual adds spawn. On horde side, for some reason the script warning relies on spams every 1 second. So adds spawning warning/timer had to be removed from mod
  • Fixed a bug on tidesage council in shrine of storms that caused the kite warning to be on by default for everyone instead of just the tank.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes triad boss in waycrest didn't engage do to fact that they can have different CID (on top of fact that their ENCOUNTER_START event is unreliable and fires sometime on trash)
  • Fixed Crashing Tide warning not working on Darkfathom in Siege of Boralus
  • Fixed bug where the trash warnings in some of dungeons could warn to dispel harmful debuff off an enemy mob in the event that harmful debuff was reflected or cloned onto the enemy instead of applied to player. If you catch any i missed, please report them. I don't want DBM telling you to dispel a good buff off your mage or a bad one off enemy mobs!
  • Fixed RP timer for Stormsong in Shrine of storm (wrong event was set)


5 Man Dungeons:
  • Interrupt warning on Tidesage Council is once again enabled by default but has been made smarter in sense that it won't be shown if Blessing of Tempest is active.
  • Added additional protections/measures against trash warnings becoming spammy when pulling larger groups (particularly multiple mobs with similar type abi [...]