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Latest news and updates

Postby MysticalOS » Thu Sep 03, 2020 6:48 pm

Welcome to Deadly Boss Mods (DBM). This site is mostly just a landing page now. Most of DBMs coding operations have moved over to github, and social/support to discord.

This website still acts as a landing page/hub for DBM but the forums are not really actively monitored anymore or used to give latest news. You'll find that at following

Discord (News/Support/Chatting/Reporting issues):

Github (Source code/reporting issues/Contributing/Download):

Twitter (Updates/News):

Patreon (Help support DBM Development):

Curse/Twitch (Download):

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DBM Classic 1.13.6 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:30 pm

  • Tweaked Immolate warning to now be off by default on Garr, it still felt spammy enough to be an opt in warning, not opt out. Spam shouldn't be something that's ever defaulted
  • Added ignite mana timer to Baron Geddon
  • Added Inferno timer to Baron Geddon
  • Fixed bug with countdown yell for bomb on Baron Geddon
  • Made Bomb timer more robust on baron Geddon, in event actual debuff is resisted by target.
  • Fixed curse timer on Gehennas with live classic data.
  • Removed Doom Cast timer from Lucifron. he spends half the fight casting doom,it doesn't really need a cast timer showing that.
  • Added timers for first casts of doom and curse to Lucifron
  • Added optional (off by default) Conflagration target warning to Magmadar
  • Re-enabled Panic timer on Magmadar now that I've seen an agreeable amount of live classic timer data to confirm it.
  • Disabled all Deaden Magic warnings/timers on Shazzrah by default. That stuff can be spammy and spam should be opt in, not opt out.
  • Added Counterspell cooldown timer to Shazzrah
  • Fixed Gate timer on shazzrah being too slow.
  • Fixed initial curse timer on Shazzrah being too slow
  • Disable Deep Breath timer on Onyxia, even in interview blizzard admit that the timer for deep breath really was just math.random . It's still random in wrath but a minimum time added. can't be confident that's case in classic.
  • Restored deep breath warning functionality on Onyxia. in classic, the spells are hidden from combat log, so DBM had to go oldschool, antispam measures are already in place if that changes, whatever trigger happens first is used.
  • Updated tail swipe ID with classic one on Onyxia
  • Added missing Wing Buffet and Bellowing Roar warnings on Onyxia
  • Added syncing for yell triggers on Onyxia to ensure more users get the triggers if playing non english clients (in raid with people who are on english clients)
  • Added teleport and shield cooldown timers to Majordomo
  • Added missing Wrath of rag timer for first wrath cast after sons phase has ended.
  • Fixed ragnaros mod so that if you are sitting outside, you won't accept syncs that submerge phase has begun.
  • Work some additional ranges into rangecheck
  • Fix arg orders being backwards for emerge/submerge warnings, should fix green texture glitch
  • Fix voice pack sound filters on two bosses in MC
  • Tweaked paladin definitions a bitmore to ensure they are included in all warnings that apply to them
  • Reset option default on one of the reflect warnings to inherit the paladin changes
  • Fix regression from weeks ago that caused EJ icons to [...]

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DBM 8.2.16 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:37 am

New Features:

  • Improved RegsiterShortTermEvents function for upcoming DBM-PvP mods (soon™)

Eternal Palace:
  • Fulfilled user request by adding timer for when Punctured Darkness will be cast, and how long it will last on Za'qul encounter

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed DBM GUI so the + and - for expanded/collapsed categories is working correctly.
  • Some fixes to support scroll bar in drop down menus all around DBM-GUI, it's still work in progress and still has quirks
  • Fixed countdown migration function that was turning countdowns back on for users who disabled them intentionally


  • Updated minimap/broker icon
  • Removed all the right click functionality of broker/minimap since it was obsolete and not really compatible or useful for modern DBM. New right click functionality will probably be added at a later time that makes more sense. For now, minimap button only opens GUI
  • Some tweaks to range finder were made to include more ranges in the right click menus.

5 man Dungeons:
  • Renamed dungeon mods from "Party" to "Dungeons" as it feels like a better descriptor all around.

Previous Release:

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DBM 8.2.15 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:39 am

New Features:

  • Massively updated Italian language support thanks to mrTJO

Eternal Palace:
  • Added timers/warnings for Azshara's devoted and Loyal Myrmidon spawns on Azshara encounter (for heroic and mythic mostly)
  • Updated Azshara's Indomitable per August 20th Hotfixes
  • Fixed regression from Italian that caused Italian to actually overwrite every language (8.2.15)

  • Fixed regression from Italian that caused Italian to actually overwrite every language (8.2.15)

Dev Note:
Tiny release, but if blizzard hotfixes stuff, I'm not going to make you guys wait for it.

Previous Release:

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DBM 8.2.13 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Mon Aug 12, 2019 4:11 am

New Feature:

Eternal Palace:
  • Added a missing heal interrupt spell to Eternal Palace trash
  • Added a combat timer to Azshara engage for the window of time you have to time prepot
  • Added respawn to queens Court
  • Updated Stage 4 Azshara timers across the board with more timer data that improves accuracy for longer pulls
  • Updated za'qul with timer correction code on stage changes that account for several of hidden logics that cause spells to delay, or in one niche case come sooner.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that'd cause timer update code for :RemoveTime timer object to put a timer into negative instead of canceling it if it falls below zero

Eternal Palace:
  • Fixed a couple timers for Phase 2 Orgozoa that were 2.8 seconds slow
  • Fixed a bug where Za'qul horiffic summoner timer would start faded in phase 1 after a wipe on heroic/mythic difficulty.
  • Fixed a bug where during Phase 4 Za'qul you could end up getting a dread AND a manic dread timer. There should now only be one dread timer.
  • Fixed P3 mythic "berserk" timer for adds so it's not 5 seconds slow on Azshara


  • Renamed "other boss mods" to "other mods" to reflect that some of those mods (such as pvp) aren't boss mods.

Previous Release: