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DBM 7.1.9 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:52 am

New Features:

  • Added new general target announce to bonds of fel to Guldan.
  • Added phase change announces to Guldan
  • Added missing timers for Flames of Sargeras to Guldan
  • Added Black harvest timer to guldan
  • Added auto icon option to Bonds of Fel on Guldan
  • Added icon marking for parasite mobs themselves, based into existing fetter icon setting on Telarn
  • Added tank swap taunt warning on Trilliax
  • Added Hand of Guldan timer to Guldan heroic+ phase 2
  • Added trash mod with several notable trash mob warnings.
  • Added icon marking to Aluriels Adds
  • Added infoframe for Frostbitten on Aluriel

Brawlers Guild:
  • Added support for several of the new bosses introduced in 7.1.5


  • DBM-Core will now force close range frame if it's in radar mode as you enter an instance with radar restrictions. This is to protect users from trying to force the unrestricted one outside then use it inside. That won't work and only results in errors.

  • Fix felflame warning firing for anyone standing in it instead of just you on Star Auger
  • Fixed phase detection for Gul'dan
  • Fixed several Gul'dan timers to be more accurate.
  • Fixed bug where Flames of Sargeras target announce said wrong spell name
  • Fixed tank warning on Alluriel to not tell you to taunt until annihilated is gone
  • Fixed Feast of blood warnings/timers since event no longer is in SPELL_CAST_START during Tichondrius
  • Fixed most Normal mode timers on Tichondrius to use new updated values that changed since normal was tested.
  • Fixed Some of the early normal mode timers for Chronomatic Anomaly. Pruned the rest of timers that were changed but haven't been updated yet.
  • Fixed Tank swap warnings on Krosus to no longer let stacks get too high.
  • Fix burning pitch timer not loading correct timer from table, causing pretty much all of them to be wrong except first on Krosus
  • Fixed several warnings and timers on Elisande that broke do to blizzard changing fight quite a bit, as well as pruning stuff from combat log.
  • Fixed Tel'arns timers which all changed on live from last months PTR testing.
  • Fixed bug where DBM arrow on krosus would send raid to it's death. Blizzard hotfixed ability to detect Krosus arms on Jan 19th after 7.1.8 was tagged. (New in 7.1.9)

Brawlers Guild
  • Moved several bosses into correct ranks/challenges groups that blizzard shuffled around.
  • Fixed bug where berserk timer could start (and restart repeatedly) if one of npcs jumps into arena and starts yelling like crazy.
  • Fixed bug where the position in queue so [...]