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DBM 6.2.23 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:40 am

Key: Blue: Noteworthy, Purple: Major

New Features
  1. Added new countdown voices from Overwatch
  2. Added a short /rpull (Raiders pull countdown) slash for doing auto 30 second pull timers. Some will get a laugh out of backstory on this.
  3. DBM will now detect if colored bar option is set to 0 (no color) and check if there is a non 0 default value for that option, if there is, change the value from 0. This should fix mods that have old defaults (ie they were created before colored bars were added to those mods)
Emerald Nightmare:
  1. Updated cenarius mod with Nightmare Blast timers/warnings
  2. Updated Illygoth mod with death blossom timers/warnings
The Nighthold:
  1. Added mod drycode for Gul'dan. This should have basic warnings and AI timers.
  2. Updated Anomaly mod with 2nd test data.
  3. Updated Elisande mod with more advanced HUD features and improved timer behavior for echo casts.
Blackrock Foundry/Highmaul:
  1. Updated several timers to now include inline icons
Legion Dungeons:
  1. Updated Halls of Valor mods with more recent test data. Added a fancy rune helper to Odyn as well.
  2. Updated Wrath of Azshara mods with more recent test data. Added a trash mod for it as well.
  3. Updated Neltharions Lair mods with more recent test data. Added a trash mod for it as well.
  4. Updated Darkheart Thicket mods with more recent test data. Added a trash mod for it as well.
  5. Updated Maw of Souls mods with more recent test data.
  6. Updated Arcway mods with more recent test data.
  7. Added another boss to Violet Hold mods (still more to go).
Broken Isles:
  1. Added mod drycodes for Calamir, Anamouz, Drugon, Levantus, Nazak, Sharthos, Soultakers and Withered Jim
  2. Added completed mods for Humongris and Nithogg
Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed bug that caused UNIT_SPELLCAST events to still not work in legion mods.
  2. Fixed a bug where guild kill messages did not show in the guild alerts feature (only wipes and pulls showed). Sorry this took so long to fix. No one reported it and I never sit. :\
  3. Fixed a bug that'd cause trash warnings to not fire in dungeons if mini bosses were engaged. Minibosses return true for encounter in progress and trash mods are disabled during boss encounters. Now dbm uses a better way to detect whether or not an actual encounter is in progress.
Legion Dungeons:
  1. Fixed Several timers/warnings across a few dungeons that had wrong spell names in them (often overlooked copy and paste mistakes).
  1. Improve the disabling code to not be too harsh plus give wrong message in Legion Beta. Now it’ll tol [...]

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DBM is independent again – needs your help

Postby MysticalOS » Sun May 08, 2016 10:35 pm

About 4 years ago, DBM partnered up with Elitist Jerks to help bring traffic to the site and connect two user communities together. I also took up managing Elitist Jerks sometime after that. In this time I was able to switch gears into working on DBM as a full time job from home. This has been perfect for me because I am currently a full time care giver for my widowed mother.

Working on DBM full time allowed two things.
1. Massive feature improvement and mod quality. During this time I was able to deliver more feature improvement than DBM had seen in years.
2. While working full time from home, I could be available to my mother more conveniently. If you have never been a primary caregiver, it can be hard to imagine just how much time and energy it demands of you.

Unfortunately, WoW as a whole has changed and Elitist Jerks is a shadow of its former glory. I did my best with it but ultimately we have a game now that doesn't need EJ nearly as much as it used to. Legion further dumbs down classes making this even more true. It's basically come down to "what talent do I need for x fight" and that's the entire guide. A basic wowhead guide is generally more than enough for average user. Meanwhile, many of the more elite users have branched into class communities. You need DK info? go to Acherus. Need priest? you go to HowToPriest. These communities fit the more modern gameplay of today. As such, Elitist Jerks can no longer support DBM as it alone can't fix that dying community. What happens to Elitist Jerks now is no longer in my hands as the partnership between them and myself has been dissolved.

Now, I'm asking you, the users of DBM, for support.
I have been working VERY hard on getting DBM ready for Legion and the mods I've created so far are some of the most advanced mods included in DBM yet. The time I've poured in goes well and beyond the time most authors put into any wow addon. I have been there for every raid test, every dungeon (multiple times), countless hours in logs and coding, and have spent lots of time gathering feedback. I want to continue giving the level of support that's made DBM great again these last two expansions. As such, I have launched a Patreon so users can help crowd fund and support DBM's continued full time development.

I know this is asking a lot of users for an addon that's free to all (and will continue to be). Especially since there are other addons people can simply replace DBM with if DBM dies. However, I can pro [...]

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DBM in Social Media

Postby MysticalOS » Sun May 08, 2016 7:45 pm

If social media is your thing, you can like DBM in facebook by following link here:

Or follow main mod developer (me) on twitter here (note tweets aren't always about DBM):

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DBM 6.2.22 Released

Postby MysticalOS » Sun May 08, 2016 7:38 pm

Key: Blue: Noteworthy, Purple: Major

New Features
  1. Auto accept invites feature for friends list now also supports non friends as well.

Emerald Nightmare:

  1. Added mod for Cenarius from heroic raid testing. Some Mythic stuff drycoded
  2. Added mod for Ilgynoth from heroic raid testing.
  3. Added a mod for Dragons of Nightmare from heroic raid testing. Note this mod is still very much incomplete since testing of this fight didn't go well for most groups.
  4. Added mod for Renferal from heroic raid testing.
  5. Mythic additions to Nythendra from mythic raid testing.
  6. Added mod for Xavius from heroic raid testing. Note: Phase 3 was bugged and he was not using most abilities during it so phase 3 timers are incomplete.
  7. Updated Ursok mod with a few more features for handling charge (such as auto soaker assigning) as well as latest data from mythic testing.

The Nighthold:
  1. Added mod for Tichondrius from heroic raid testing.
  2. Added mod for Aluriel from heroic raid testing.
  3. Added mod for Telarn from heroic raid testing.
  4. Added mod for Krosus from heroic raid testing.
  5. Added mod for Star Auger Etraeus from heroic raid testing. Some mythic mechanics are also drycoded but untested.
  6. Added drycoded mod for Elisande prior to Tuesday, May 3rd raid testing.
  7. Updated scorpyron mod with improved timer auto correct code for greater accuracy in all difficulties and added mythic timers.

Legion Dungeons:
  1. Added trash module to Arcway dungeon.
  2. Improved warnings and timers across Arcway dungeon.
  3. Added trash module to Assault Violet Hold
  4. Added mods for 3/8 bosses in Assault Violet Hold
  5. Improved warnings and timers across Eye of Azshara
  6. Added trash module for Halls of Valor
  7. Improved warnings and timers across Halls of Valor
  8. Added complete mod support for Court of Stars, including all bosses and a trash module.

Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed lua error in HUD caused by removal of TAXIROUTE_LINEFACTOR_2 global in legion.
  2. Fixed some lua errors related to removed challenge mode APIs in Legion.
  3. Update 32 legion mods to use updated UNIT_SPELLCAST args.

Hellfire Citadel:

  1. Fixed a bug that caused Mythic archimonde timer for conduit to show as "unknown" if short text timers were enabled. This was caused by using a spell id that doesn't exist until legion to auto localized the short text.

Legion Dungeons:
  1. Fixed LUA error on Glaidalis (Darkheart Thicket)
  2. Fix so [...]

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7.0 Progress Report

Postby MysticalOS » Sun May 08, 2016 7:36 pm

Things have appeared quiet around here on DBM end but this is because work is well under way for Legion 7.0 content.

Currently DBM already has full support for all dungeons and raids for pull/wipe/kill detection and basic features like range finder and other manual commands. 

  • For raid mod support, most tested bosses so far (11/12 raid bosses so far) have full and functional mods. 3 raid bosses have drycoded mods.
  • 1 Raid boss is ALMOST fully functional but just needs to see longer pulls (Dragons of NIghtmare). Very few were able to do this during testing.
  • For dungeon mod support, 9 dungeons are fully supported right now. The 10th dungeon (violet hold) is only partially supported do to nature of RNG involved in seeing all the bosses.